I have a sweet little guinea pig named Misaki! He is the cutest little guy ever. His brother is named Squeaky and he is my sister's. They're really close. It was last year that I got him. I love him so much and am mad that I can only see him twice a month. My parents are divorced and I see my dad (who has Misaki) every other week. He peed on me once put I don't mind. He always runs up to the edge of his cage when I come to see him. I love holding him but I'm allergic. I hate my allergy because I can't hold him for long and then I'm coughing and sneezing. I was wheezing one night it got so bad. It doesn't matter though. I'll never stop loving my guinea baby. I'll try to post a picture of him soon.

Feb. 18 2012

Here they are as promised!!

(Left to Right: Misaki, Squeaky)


Misaki again!

*these really are the best photos...sorry :,<
DarkCrowe DarkCrowe
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Feb 6, 2012