Accidental Piggie Momma

I had never thought of bringing home guinea pigs. I thought they were moody and probably stinky until a friend of mine educated me on how lovable the little rolly pollies are.
On a that fateful day a co-worker was telling me about a piggie she had gotten for her son and how amazing the little guy was. I was curious to learn more when a client just happened to over hear our conversation.
She asked if we knew anybody interested in taking in her daughter's guinea pigs. Her daughter had been deployed to Afghanistan and she was elderly and couldn't give them the attention they needed. I said I wasn't sure and before I knew it was walking in with a carrier full of the two cutest little creatures I had ever seen. My heart melted and I couldn't say no.
That's how we ended up with Foxie and Marley. A tri-colored Abyssinian and an orange and black brindle American. I can't wait to add another to our family but for now we make do with the ever growing crocheted population I've established.
MissShyKitty MissShyKitty
26-30, F
1 Response Apr 6, 2012

I found piggy love about 3 or 4 years ago. They are totally innocent, loving little creatures. I have three. It's almost time for lap/tv time for one of the three :)