My Guinea Pig Is Dying

I'm not quite sure what to feel... Sad, yes, but I've never really felt sad about death, just numb. 

She's been getting skinnier for the past six months. Thats the only way you can tell a guinea pig is getting sick; if they showed any other signs, they'd make a better target for predators. And I noticed, when I would pick her up to change her bedding, that she was getting thinner.... I never did anything... I'm wondering if I should have now.

This past week, she falls over on her side and can't get up. She rarely squeaks at me for food when I pass the cage, and she just lays there quietly, in the patch of sunlight coming from the window, or in her little pink "pigloo." It's ironic, but it makes me kind of happy to see her like that... she's never been so cute or cuddly or soft and warm looking. Never so calm and happy to be petted. It makes it bittersweet that she's like this because she's suffering.

I wanted guinea pigs for two years before I got them the summer of sixth grade. I planned so much, I built a homemade cage for them that was so big I never ended up using. I researched and planned what an amazing relationship we would have. I was going to be the best owner ever. I got them when a lady at my dad's work said she had too many pets, and wondered if we could take the guinea pigs. They were so cute and tiny then. Their names were cookie and cocoa, but I renamed them Kiri and Kei. They both have such long thick hair that it doubles their size, as I often marveled at when I gave them baths, which, I might add, were the bane of their existance.

Kei started out the anxious and fearful one, but grew to be more social than Kiri, though Kiri has always been the dominant one. When they'd fight over food, Kiri would win. Kei didn't mind bath time as much as Kiri. Kei would rush out and start squeaking for food as soon as she'd hear my door open in the morning, and she'd stand in her cage at the base of the stairs, paws up on the bars of the cage, greeting me. All those sweet little moments... but you know, I never became the guinea pig owner I wanted to be. I'd feed them, and clean their cage, but never really pet them after a first year of trying desperately to make friends. I kind of forgot about them. They had each other, that was, I guess, enough.

Kei is sick now, and I look back on it all, wondering what I should have, would have, could have done. She's dying, she'll be gone in the next week I'm sure. Now... my whole family.. every time we pass the cage, we stop, open it, maybe give Kei some lettuce, or sit there petting her for a few minutes. Stopping our lives to mourn, bond, and give Kei a few hours of the attention she should have gotten her whole life.
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different animals live different lengths of time. he might just be dying of old age. A dog might live for 12 years but a hamster might be old when there 2. so sorry

This made me teary, made me miss my guinea pig, Miki , who too had an illness...she lost fur and started bleeding in the areas she had lost her was spontaneous, I didn't even know that she had 'it' until my brother pointed it out :(
We were forced to give her away so that they could cure her...but I still wonder, if she made it or not. r.i.p all guinea pigs who had died :(

I had a guinea pig pass away recently I know how you felt. Its hard but if you loved and took care for her then you were a good owner for her. There very sensitive animals may your guinea pig RIP.

I'm so sorry sis. I'm gonna cry ahaha. But they sound so cute. Maybe she will get better :) always try to think positive okay :)

aww >.< i'm sorry to make you cry... i was really sad writing this aha ^.^;; They are adorable. I'll do my best to stay positive, I promise. Thanks.

K love ya sissy

D: AAAUUUGHH THAT IS SO SAD. Adorable soft things shouldn't be allowed to die. 3 <br />
Numbness is part of the grieving process... it sounds like your guinea pigs had a good life, and I'm glad that you guys are trying to make her passing as comfortable and full of love as possible. <br />
<br />
omg I'm so sad now. PET HER FOR ME? ;_;

Otay. I will &gt;.&lt; Sorry to make you sad... don't be too sad, kay??

It's okay... I used to have guinea pigs when I was really little. :P I really like them, and the silly squeal thing that they do. Mine got snatched up by eagles one day when they were in the yard. D:

o.o that... wow. I didn't know that eagles were so strong... or that ... D: wow. I like the silly squealing noise they make too.

I know. D: That's actually happened to me a few times with pets. My father would always put them in the yard [we had a home-made guinea pig run so they could walk around and nibble grass] even though it wasn't very safe.

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