Sue Piggie

I'd wanted a guinea pig for 2 years before I actually adopted one. I was 13, and had successfully kept and raised pet mice, rats & hamsters. I borrowed every book the school & county library had available on guinea pigs.
So, on a trip to a small pet store in town, I was delighted to find a large group of the critters for sale. The owner was only asking $8.00 each, and I'd saved up $20 from collecting cans in my neighborhood to be recycled. At 5 cents a can, it's obvious I had been busy.
All of the piggies were the same copper red color, some with a white blaze. I realized later that they were all related, and were breeding constantly. I picked a young female. She was so sweet. I named get Sue Piggie right away.
Sue was the coolest little thing. She tamed very quickly, never bit and not a bit skittish. I'd take her to the park, where kids & adults gathered around to pet her. She loved attention.
Not long after adopting Sue Piggie, I notirher getting round. Fast. I hadn't known that she was pregnant when I bought her. I started reading books on breeding and pregnancy. Soon, Sue gave birth to an adorable little girl. Copper red with a white blaze & collar.
After weaning, my best friend took the baby home, and kept her 6 years, her whole life. Sue and I spent 4 wonderful years together. My best girl. I ended up having to move out of state, and my parents wouldn't let me bring her. I searched carefully for the best new home for my little friend, and I found it. The girl that took Sue Piggie loved her like I did. It was terribly hard to say goodbye. I knew she was in good hands, so that helped. I'm 34 now. I have other sweet piggies now, and likely always will. I'll never forget Sue Piggie, how it all began with her.
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Aug 24, 2012