My Pigs

I have two and they are amusing little things. I wish mine enjoyed being handled more. I've heard some pigs fall asleep on people. Mine don't mind being picked up to much but soon get jumpy and want to go back home. They're also cabbage addicts.

Spicyrose Spicyrose
4 Responses Aug 25, 2008

My guinea pig doesn't like being picked up at all. He does love to get the top of his head pet. Guinea pigs are different just like people. That doesn't mean he loves you any less :)

One of mine loves carrot, the other loves cucumber. The cucumber boy is more adventurous but hates being handled, where as Carrot boy seems scared of us but when he settles down he doesnt seem to mind being handled.

try giving it some parslely , salontro, or grass that is nowhere near cars if the grass is near a road it could poisen the poor rook

One of mine gets really fidgety if he's on my lap for too long but my other one will sit on me for ages, unless he needs the loo. Mine are addicted to carrots!