Yup..I'm Hooked!!!

their wheeks...their kisses...their popcorn jumps...their personalities....their playfulness...their little waddling...short legs...plump bellies...unmistakable profile....and why do they always have such a serious look on their little face??

We have one piggie right now.  She is just plain delightful and so loving!!  She loves to be loved and will take a nap with you in bed, curl up with you on the couch to watch tv (couch piggie potato), will be ever so happy to help you look in the fridge for tasty snacks, plays Littlest Pet Shop with my daughter and nips the figures if she is the "bad pig" in the game, just a pure delight all the way around!!  She will give you a soft "pee bite" when she needs to go to her cage to pee, then she waits at her door to be picked up again for more play!  Spoiled???  NO Way!!!  We are just her obedient slaves!!  hee hee hee

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My daughter and I just finished reading a fabulous book, Olga Da Polga, about a guinea pig. It is a must read for all guinea pig lovers!! This piggie got to run outside under a specially built pen.

Blossom---yes, we have thought of getting her a cage mate, but she is quite the spoiled pig and we have had her for 3+ years. I don't think that she would deal well with not being the center of the world in PigVille. I homeschool my daughter, so Brown Sugar Marie Sue(her formal piggie name) really spends more time in our arms and being kissed, held, played with and just loved on than in our cage! We adore her! But we have decided that when she is gone (hopefully that will be MANY years from now) that we are definitely going to get 2 piggies. I am so excited to see how they interact and call to each other!!<br />
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nuevo-she is thankyou! If I can ever figure out how to post a pic on here I will. I love all guineas! They are all adorable and precious and cute and kissable!!!<br />
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Jazzley--oh the mommy and the daddy keeping the little piggie family in line! I would get nothing done at all ever! I would just play piggie all day long!<br />
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amz10101--5 piggies!!! oh think of all the wheeks!! I love it!!! Are they free range or have you had to move out most of your furniture to bring in their cages?? hee hee hee

i have 5 piggies and love them to bits. your popcorn jumps, i call happy dances. when they get fresh grass. te he he

They are hypercute.I've had seven of them when I was a kid because the 2 i had at first got babies.<br />
Seeing the little Family walking arround with one Parent in front and the other behind to hold the Family together is one of the cutest things to watch

This story made me smile. I think the thing I never tire of with my guinea pigs is their waddle. I could watch them walk around all day! It's so cute. Have you considered getting a second pig to give your other some piggie company? That's why I got two so they wouldn't be lonely when not with me. They're twice as cute when there are two of them!