I Miss My Piggy

I have had 6 guinea pigs over the years.   My last one died a couple years ago.   His name was Tiko and he was a Peruvian with hair that measured 8 inches long from the part down his back!  I had never had a Peruvian before and he was very smart.  He would "allow" me to take him out of his cage, but he insisted on putting himself back in!  If I needed him to go back in I could either chase him around the living room, or tell him I needed him to go home and step away.  Then he would calmly walk to the cage door and step in!  He was like a little dustmop with feet.   He would follow me to the kitchen squeaking away when I got out the vegetables.  He loved tomatoes and romaine lettuce.  My elderly mother lives with me now and she has 2 old cats, one of whom has adopted me as his own, and he would be very jealous if I brought in a new "baby".  So for now I have to hear about other people's piggies and pet them at the pet stores.  Someday I'll have piggies again.

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And now you do! Tinkerbell!

Yes, they are so cute. My daughter got two females from Pet Smart in November and then at Christmas time one of them had babies!! Must have been that christmas magic!<br />
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The babies were born with fur and with their eyes open- the cutest little things you've ever seen.<br />
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Check out my pictures to see the little guys.