I'm allergic as hell to them, but it never stopped me lol. I've owned 4 in my life so far.., they are adorable!

My first best friend was a all white one... He was so awesome. He liked me to dance with him and he let me dress him up with bows (yes I said he was a male)... But he went with it anyway. Loved him until he pasted away :(
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I had 4 of them. 3 babies and 1 adult. I miss all of them. I cried for a week because i miss them so much. Theyre so loyal and lovable. It panis me to see them suffer

What happened that they were suffering?

They were sick when i didn't know about it. When i knew it was already too late.

We have a bunny. My girls buy cat outfits for her. She has a leash she does OK on.