I Miss My Piggles Still

i miss my guinea-pigs still. The last one i kept passed away in 2001. Then i went away to live in a flat and i wasnt allowed pets.

i hope one day i can move to a place where i am allowed to have guinea-pigs.


my favourite of all my guinea-pigs was a little brindle abyssinian rosette with a lovely loud squeak. she died of cancer in 1999.


i have had 7 guinea-pigs in total, usually 2 at once, but at one stage i had 4 pigs.


xdweebx xdweebx
1 Response Mar 26, 2009

I love guinea pigs, too! I always have one after one dies. I can't live without them. My newest one is adopted from the animal shelter, as they almost always are; he's grey and white, and loves to cuddle. He chortles at me, and squeaks when he hears my voice over every other. I named him Hamilton, and call him Hammy for short.