My Guinena Pig

 my Guinea pigs name is roo. brown and white but he has some orange to. He is so smart. He was whistling to the usher video "give me that". he loves that video. He understands when your giving him food cause he'll whistle you to death if you don't. He alerted my sister to when are kittens where born" he wouldn't stop whistling ,'my sister said. so I got up to feed him and i checked on the cat and she had had her babies.

 roo sheds a lot and nibbles I had a 4 year old over our house.  asked me if the Guinea pig bites I said no he just nibbles. And he proceeded to put his hand up to the Guinea pig and the Guinea pig nibbled and he said oh that feels good. And so he continued to do it. We  introduced the cat and the guiena pig they got along great but mom says not to do it anymore cause she thinks the cat will eat him. Oh yeah one more thing we have him on a scheduled feeding time and it works like a charm

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Sep 3, 2009