Several years ago I got a job at the local animal shelter. While there I adopted an under weight but very gentle tri color Guinea Pig.  I took this little fellow home and fattened him up with lots and lots of fruits and vegetables.plus ample amount of pellets. Whenever I was going to be in one place for a few minutes I'd hold him on my lap and stroke his fur. He thrived on this attention. Polly, as he was called because he had markings of Neapolitan ice cream colors, became a shiny, plump, and very sweet natured little pig. Out int he yard he had a little play area where he could get some exercise and some fresh air. One fine day I glanced out the window to see what he was up to. To my horror there was a skunk ambling through the yard very close to where Polly was enjoying his outdoor pen. This skunk noticed the odd looking creature, about the same size but very different in so many other ways. The curious skunk paused and...oh no....sauntered over to the helpless Polly. All I could do was watch and hope that Polly didn't frighten the skunk and cause it to let lose with a blast of scent.   Polly waddled over to get a better look as the skunk approached from the other direction. They clearly had targeted one another for closer inspection. Then the moment I was fearing.....contact! Their noses touched. Ever so quiclkly and then .....it was over. Nothing bad happened. That was it. The skunk kept going and Polly went back to his grazing.   My brave little Guinea pig!


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Great anecdote, Suan. I love animal rescue stories. Sounds like your guinea pig found guinea pig heaven. Well done!

Haha! That's so AWESOME! :D

awww cute story! Guinea pigs are adorable! I miss mine.

I think animals really do communicate with each other and can tell when they are no threat. It's just curiosity...that "I wonder what that thing is?" feeling that we all get. Guinea pigs are just such sweet animals...you just want to hug them to bits!