Does Guinness Travel Well?

I have been fortunate enough to drink Guinness in many Countries around the world....  I have also been a barman in a few....  Many regular drinkers and Publicans will tell you that Guinness does not travel well over long distances from the brewery to tap.  It's seems to be a chemical reaction that effects the taste and even the colour in some cases. 

I have been over to Dublin for the rugby a few times, and the Guinness they serve there is second to none, the creamy colour and the taste is simply exquisite to any other places I have drunk it....  If you ask nicely they will even draw a shamrock in the frothy head  

Interesting fact, if you have a four day bender on Guinness, you will **** black! 

I seen someone live quite healthily on drinking just Guinness & Weetabix as a staple diet! 
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1 Response May 14, 2012

Second the comment on Guinness in Dublin. Found it to be "about as good as it gets". Had it at many different pubs in Ireland, and was always good. Generally was also the least expensive. The other great drink I had in Ireland was Murphy's Stout. Making me want to go back for a visit.

Yes, Murphy's is another lovely stout produce in Ireland, bit more nutty tasting than Guinness, but goes down very well.... They sell cans here with a built in gas widget, than pours and tastes just like from the tap... Infact I will be buying some as you have just reminded me again of Murphy's... Cheers ;-)