I'm Like A Cat With Nine Lives

I’m sure you heard or meet people whom you amazed have lived as long as they did, not due to drugs but due to their lack of coordination and a common sense in some situations. Well I’m one of those remarkable people.  So to focus on the present events today I had the weirdest experience of kindness, straight up meanness and finally the realization of how awesome my friends truly are.
So I walk up the morning to a knock on my door as my roommate shouting for me to get out of bed because I had a phone call. As I made my way out of my bed at glazed at my clock that read 8:11 I grabbed the phone and sang the sorry I slept in song to my boss as told me get there before 9. While I groomed myself for work I grabbed my bag and made my way in to the car as I had 30 mins to make it to work. As my roommate drove me to the shopping centre I realised that my wallet was at home and as he drove off my chances of going to work became slightly smaller; until a lovely kind lady gave me some money for my bus fare, Thank you kind lady. But as I was paying for my bus I realized that I only had enough for a student’s fare and with no proof of identity apart from my youthful grin I was about to walk off the bus the bus driver got the $1.70 and told me to get on as I thanked him he told me to sit down and alas the journey to work was on.
while I worked I thought of ways I could get from one side of Townsville to another without any money or credit, and out of nowhere one of my old friends from like mount Isa like came into my counter and as I served him he told me how he was only there for today and like the dork that I am I was to like oh my gosh what you doing in Townsville to ask for a ride home and as he left I had a no ride home and a long line of customers waiting Jto be served. As I finished work I walked to the bus stop and as I entered the bus I pulled out a ticket off the ground which must have been dropped by someone and as I made my way to the shopping centre I wondered how I was going to get home as that ticket only lasted a few minutes. Whilst I made my way home by foot from the shopping centre a voice shouting my name made me stop in my tracks and as glazed over the road another one of my mates parked there. As I made my way across the road I this time counted my lucky stars and asked for a ride whilst we caught up.
While if made my way into the house I wondered how lucky I truly was to live in such a world where we can all help each other when we are in need.
queenslander17 queenslander17
18-21, F
Aug 6, 2010