20+ Years Of Gn'r, Bliss

I was 12 years old when i first heard "Sweet Child O' Mine" and i have been in love with Guns n Roses ever since, when i was a teenager they got me through a lot of bad times, anytime i was upset, angry or just having a bad day i would always put Guns n Roses on, LOUD, and it always made me feel better, really picked me up you know, and it still does.  I always loved Axl's F*** you attitude and i wish i could play the guitar like Slash (who looks so hot in those tight blue jeans;)), i actually had a poster of Slash in the shower next to my bed when i was 15.  Just wish they would get back together even for just one more song.

phoenixdragon88 phoenixdragon88
31-35, F
1 Response Feb 9, 2010

I have to agree I to also wish they would get past their troubles long enough for one more Album.<br />
I do so much seeing their videos Axl is so slow with his body movement.