My Guns Keep Me Safe.

I realize that it takes law enforcement officers a very long time to come to aid when in danger, I must depend on myself to survie when being attacked and my husband is not around.  I realize the 15 to thirty minutes it takes for law enforcement to arrive, I can be dead.  My father, a hard core Marine taught me how to fire many different types of guns, how to keep them clean, how to kill with them (just hitting a target is not the same as killing a moving target, like wild pigs).  I love my father for what he taught me about guns and defense; it has saved my life a few times.
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3 Responses May 28, 2010

I live in a border town, El Paso,TX It got ranked as one of the safest city's in the country! Juarez on the other hand has had over 3,000 deaths in 2010 They can't own guns to defend their family's against the cops,military and cartels Bottom line here is guns save lives!

In my state, it takes on average 28 minutes for the police to arrive. A few years ago, my neighbor's house was broken into, and it took the police four and a half hours to arrive.

i'm grateful for the officers who do their jobs everyday, but the saying "when you only have seconds, the police are only minutes away" come to mind. safe gun usage is important.