Fn 57

I would love to own a FN 57 . It basically a 22 on steroids . Made to go through body armor , a 20 shot hand gun that shoots a 5.7 mm rifle round. It used in the military. But can be bought buy anyone in the US . High velocity bullets . I'm not looking to kill anyone but like to know if the world goes to **** and the police and or military are used against civilians . I have something . Anyway it is a dream as I have 3 kids and no money to buy guns . Nice gun though .
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From my understanding, the body armor defeating rounds for the Five seveN are only available to law enforcement agencies, military and government organizations. The other bad thing is that ammunition is hard to come across and expensive! Because the round is relatively new, the only company I'm aware of that even makes commercially available 5.7 ammunition is FN themselves. While I do think it's a wicked cool gun and has a ton of good qualities, I think I would personally stick with my Glock 19 and my 33 round magazine.

My buddy has one and it is sweet! I haven't shot it yet but it feels great and gives you that confidence knowing its what the secret service carry.

First thing, 5.7x28mm is not a rifle round, it was developed specifically as an intermediate cartridge for the 5-7 and the P90. <br />
Secondly, while I love FN products, they're pretty expensive. <br />
Third, the tradeoff with the armor penetration is that the rounds do very little damage once they do penetrate, requiring several shots to stop a threat.<br />
If you want a cheaper alternative, the common .22 Mag matches the ballistics of the 5.7x28 out to about 200 meters.