To the guy at the range today,

What in the HELL would possess to you come behind me when I'm shooting the AR and start picking up my pistols from my bench and toying with them. And when I confronted you about it, you had the audacity to make a remark about how women shouldn't own guns and what I'm doing is wasting my money ....

Do you realize what the **** I'm holding right now?

Sincerely, You are one stupid ************

Oh and P.S.
I wear heels bigger than your ****.
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terrorists think that women shouldn't have guns too, and they are the ones who send them into town with bombs strapped to them. if thats the sort of people that hang out at the shooting ranges, i'll stick to the gravel pit outside of town.

Some people are just naturally disrespectful and stupid. There are certain rules in life. One is to never touch another persons firearm without permission.

These types of things turn me off of ranges.
Luckily there is a lot of woods here!

No kidding! Rule number one: show a little respect toward somebody who's holding a firearm. That's just a "duh" kind of thing. Rule number two: ALWAYS ask permission BEFORE handling somebody else's stuff, especially their firearms. As far as weather women should own firearms, it's the same thing as if a man should own a firearm: I have zero problem with it, as long as they are competent and capable. I know women that could kick most men's ***** on the gun range without even breaking a sweat.

You rock. You (and anyone else) had every right to be pissed off when a fucktard starts fondling your firearms without your permission. Stay armed. It puts you on an equal footing with an assailant twice your size.
You handled the troll like a pro, too.

Haha thanks for the support! (:

You were doing pretty well on your own, but I thought you could use the moral support. (:

Oh It's always welcomed!

Your post is exactly why people like you shouldn't own guns. You are immature, and even thinking about using a gun because someone is touching your things is absolutely asinine. Owning a gun is a huge responsibility, not some chest beating ego centered boast. Anyone that is that insecure has no business owning a gun, most of the people that go on killing rampages do it based out of insecurity as the primary driving factor. People like you scare the **** out of me.

Haha obviously you didn't get my extreme sarcasm. Obviously I would never use a weapon unless someone was threatening my life or for what I was doing as stated above "leisure" . Yes I was angry at him for poking around in my things. It was a mere joke about his bad judgement . Basically if I wanted to set him straight, I would have done so man to man no weapons. And people like you I find hilarious who can't take a ******* comical story with a grain of salt . Get out of here with this bullshit. By the way I'm glad I scare the **** out of you... you should be .

Scared because you are mental like the rest of the gun nuts. Having guns for hunting is one thing but its quite another to have guns that only purpose is for killing people. You and those like you have blood on your hands, see if you can sort that out in your little pea brain. People like you are cowards, you are so scared you feel you need to pack a gun just to go out in public. LIfe is too short to live in fear of everything or feel the need to protect oneself with a lethal weapon. The fear should be the though of ever having to actually use the weapons and what its like living with the ramifications of killing another.

It's not really a fear it's a reality. But I respect your opinion and I will not insult your intelligence by throwing around mean comments to prove my point such as you have done. They're are always at least two opinions to everything and we seem to disagree. I believe guns used wisely and in a safe manner couldn't potentially save ones life. I'm sorry you believe you are too good or optimistic to have protection. Maybe you think you're superhuman but quite frankly I don't care.

And by the way I have no red in my ledger, or any enemies. I just find firearms fascinating. Unlike your closed minded opinion of those who own them for personal protection.

I own a pump 12 gage, bolt 30-06 both for hunting. I have zero issue with guns just with people who think they are the answer to problems. The reality is unless you are a trained pro and use handguns for a living the chances of you even being able to hit a target when your life is in jeopardy is **** poor. The fact is brandishing a firearms is more likely to get you killed than if you were unarmed. I don't think I am superman or even lucky and I live in New Orleans which people seem to think is a war zone. Its called common sense, you don't go into areas that are known to be trouble you go with atleast one other person, you don't present yourself as a victim or become confrontational. There are only two justifications for killing someone your life threatened or your family threatened. If the criteria doesnt apply then you are out of touch if you think it is appropriate to kill someone for other reasons. I personally think conservatives are naturally afraid of everything its why people are so easily embrace violence the part i dont understand is why they criminalize sexuality. Completely backwards ***. Oh and by the way i have been around the world in some pretty bad areas and still would have never thought of having a gun on me even if i could. Go learn self defense, boost your natural confidence and quit hiding behind lethal tools.

Thanks for your input. I won't give up my firearms. But the self defense class seems to be a useful investment but then again as you mentioned before about being able to be accurate in a stressful situation , you probably wouldn't remember half of the formal training. Even if you do not pose a threat to a criminal they will still try and harm you for no reason if that is their intended goal. People are crazy these days. As for hiding behind weapon remember sir I am a relatively average sized woman, I probably wouldn't stand much of a chance against a large adult male or a group of them. It's just precautionary measures I like to take. The repercussions of shooting someone is indeed a scary scenario but in some cases self-defense will take precedence . It's better to have a gun and not need it than to need it and not have it.

Tell Bruce Lee he was too small to fight a large adult male. He was shorter and smaller than you and could take out a water buffalo. Size is for the most part irrelevant unless both are equally skilled does size matter.

Yes but he is male which naturally makes him easier to gain muscle also stronger and he was formally trained. And I highly doubt I have the eye hand coordination to learn any form of martial arts. So I'll stick to my guns. Pun intended .
Nice chatting with you. You've posed some great points. But I believe we sre forever at an impasse.

Half empty glass. BB

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Go you, Haha

Sounds like a guy that was brain dead. You unfortunalty can't fix that. He probably shoot himself cleaning his gun.

LOL!! You tell him. Anyone that knows a lick about guns and shooting knows that women are naturally better shots than men. Shooting straight ain't about brute strength.

On the range or off, you can't fix stupid. I learned to shoot from my mother who was a carnival shooter in the 1940' and 50's/and by my grandmother who actually shot in a Wild West show. Whoever says women shouldn't shoot or have guns better not say it to my wife! She can outshoot mom & gramma. Keep up the good work

Should have said to him do you know what the most animal in the world is? When said no tell him a woman with a gun and pms. Then smile and say btw way sir I'm pmsing. Lol

Haha he probably would have backed away slowly. I can be evil as ****.

You will have ro remember that next time. Lol

Good job girl! What a ******* tard! Obviously he has zero gun edicate. Either

Thanks lol. He almost got busted.

You should have made him "dance" his way out...stage left. I don't own a gun, but I will fight to the death for your right to have one.

That would be funny him talking **** about women and then get his *** kicked by one! Lmfao

Lmao, wow. some people are seriously inept. No such thing as a waste of money when it comes to protection. What other guns do you have?

Yeah he almost got what was coming to him. And personally I don't own any anymore except for little 12g ss. My pistol got stolen. But today I shot the AR 15, the 410, Bersa .380, Glock 17, Glock 21, and a 12g mossberg .

i wouldn't have blamed you if you knocked him out lol. and i'm sorry to hear that it was stolen. and that's a nice selection. i have 2 stag 15s (i live in NJ so i can't own the "brand" AR15) a remington 870 12g, a remington 700 aac, glock 19, and a springfield armory mil spec 1911

Wow nice pickings lol. Specially the 1911.
But yeah people just don't know how absolutely ******* crazy I am. Or how far I'd be able to jam that stock into your skull...
Anyways lolol.

thanks. and it's an amazing pistol. you should get one. and i see lol. but i'd probably love to see that. get a good laugh out of it. but important thing is that, you thought about doing it, but didn't act on it. so nothing wrong with that lol.

Oh yeah true that. I'm crazy not stupid lol.

that's a good thing :P on a random note, i tried to add you, to no avail. maybe add me? it always nice to converse with a fellow gun lover

Alrighty will do.

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