It'S Better To Have A Gun And Not Need It, Than To Need A Gun And Not Have It

It's 10:30 a.m. and you're locked in your bedroom. There's a madman pounding on the bedroom door, just seconds from breaking through. Best case, the police are 5-10 minutes away. Worst case, it could be more than an hour. What do you do?
Is this the paranoid, fear-inducing scenario of a gun rights activist?
Not really, considering it happened to a 22-year old Paterson, NJ woman just last week.
Fortunately for the woman, she was able to access her husband's lawfully owned firearm and scare off the attacker without injuring him. But what would have happened if she didn't have a firearm?
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you have two choices, you can be raped and murdered or you can kill the ******.

What do I do? I reach for my loaded Glock 19 and proceed to empty the magazine. If that dosen't work, I reach for my 12 gauge shotgun

Indeed! We always hear about the tragic events on the news, but rarely do we ever hear about how a violent crime was averted, or even in other cases, where someone uses the gun to stop the perpretrator. There was an incident in Virginia just a fews weeks ago where a home invasion took place. The husband was not home, and the wife was left to defend herself and her kids. Apparently, the perpetrator broke through 3 locked doors to get at this woman and her kids. They were hiding up in the crawl space. The perpetrator climbed into the crawl space only to find the woman had a gun in hand. She shot this guy five times (who was pleading with her not to shoot). The whole event was caught on a 911 call. The woman had called her husband, who in turned called 911. You could hear the husband on the call, "shoot him again, shoot him again." Surprisingly, the perpetrator survived. However, had she not had a gun, I suspect the woman and her kids would be dead. This did not exactly make national news.