I Believe In Protecting Myself...

i believe in protecting myself and my family. I can't or don't personally own a gun, but am not afraid of them. Its our right as an American for how much longer is questionable.
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1 Response Feb 21, 2007

More nad more states are starting to enact what is called a "Right to carry" law that is where if you are not a convicted felon, or someone that is mentally unstable. Meaning that if you can legally under federal law buy a hand gun then the state that you are in can not refuse you a permit to carry a weapon concealed.<br />
Also the U.S. Supreme Court is debating the gun resrtictions that have been inacted in Washington D.C. some of the harshest. It is believed that the Second Admendment will be upheld as it reads. That anyone can (that is not a felon or crazy) own a fire arm.