Guns Are Great!

I love my collection of assault weapons, most are used by SWAT or special forces I only deal in the best of the best, guns that pack a punch are accurate and easy to use.

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1 Response Nov 12, 2009

what is the best 308 rifle you can think of that has good balance between close range combat as well as longer range effectiveness? I was thinking an M-14, or an M1A as it's called. I was also thinking HK-91, but they've crept out of my price range since some genius' decided not to let them get imported to the US anymore. I've heard M-14s are damn accurate and make good long range shooters. I also heard they're durable and reliable and i wouldn't feel disadvantaged having one in a close range fire fight, even though it would never happen.

.308 is a little big for up close anyway but the M1A SOCOMs are short and would be good rifles. FNH makes SCAR rifles in .308 too.