Cheap Ak-47's

Ah, the joy of cheap AK's from ex-soviet countries.  Inexpensive ammunition, high capacity magazines, and extreme reliability, the sort of things that can make for a fine afternoon of shooting.
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7 Responses Nov 2, 2007

Ifly, you can hang out with me anytime. <br />
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Bak, yes. Guns and cupcakes...and a number of other hobbies. I'm a constant surprise :)

I'm still YOSSI... through and through..... the new moniker is to hide from trolls. But make no mistake!!! I'm Yossi. :D

*raises eyebrow at Shawna*<br />
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Guns AND cupcakes? Sheeeeeeeeit.

Can I hang with YOU guys????

We reload, too. Save me a ton of money on my practice ammo.

i plan on getting a ak74 soon. 5.45x39 ammo is cheap!

Have you ever done any reloading? It can make it much cheaper for an afternoon of shooting almost any gun :)

Inexpensive ammo??? Please tell me where. It used to be a few cents a round back in not so far back days. Please don't tell me that 25 cents a shot is cheap.