That About Covers It.

 I own firearms. I hunt pheasants and deer. I have hunted elk, ducks, geese, doves and varmints.  I have a furharvester's license but have never used it. I reload for rifle and pistol.  223, 40 s&w, 44 mag & spl, 243, and 270.

I live in rural western Kansas and my favorite activity is pheasant hunting.  I have two vizslas, Penny and Pete.  Penny has hunted with me for two years and it doesn't seem to be really clicking for her.  Pete is a new hire and is only six months old. I think he will do well.  He is energetic and eager to please.

This site seems to have kind of a liberal bias.  I get the feeling that hunters aren't really welcome here.  That's okay. Just hope I don't have to deal with persecution from a bunch of wingnuts.  Any other hunters here?

captainhalitosis captainhalitosis
36-40, M
Mar 10, 2009