First Time With Un Cut,and Love It

when i was 17 years old,i met an older guy frank at a open air dance at a local bar.frank was 35 at the time and single,liveing alone.frank and i had danced alot of slow dances together makeing out.frank knew my age,but did'nt seem to care.the next weekend frank told me he'd be at the next one,if i went.i told frank i needed a ride,and that my parents were out of town for the weekend,and my sister had the car.that night frank picked me up.i did have a big crush on him,since he was older,but good looking.
on the way there i mentioned to frank that i like older guys,that they seemed more stable,and i figured i'd let an older guy be my first.since i figured more exsperianced.frank said,we could allways go back to his place if i'd rather let him?frank told me he'd love to do the honors of breaking me in i replied i dont have to be home since my parents were we went to franks house,he mentioned in some was customary to have an older more exsperianced guy take a young girls cherry,so she'd know how to please her husband when married.arriveing at franks house,i replied,i agree with you.
getting inside frank turned on some mood music,as we madeout on the couch.frank was takeing his time with me,as we kissed,and he started to finger me.frank moaned to me,dam your so tight,and wet.i want to taste your sweet virgin *****!frank asked me to the bedroom,as he wanted to take my cherry.frank helped me undress,as he had me lay on the bed.frank slowly worked his way down my body,enjoying my large firm ****,then on to my *****.frank allready had me close to ******* while fingering me it was'nt long till he made me *** eatting he let me exsperiance multiple ******** eatting me,god was he good!
frank told me,he wanted to feel his **** in my tight virgin *****.as he took his clouths off,revealing his very thick,and long un cut **** to me.i wanted to taste his ****,since it was dripping pre ***.i quickly moved down on him to taste him,licking his shaft.then pulling back his foreskin revealing his thick **** head.takeing his **** into my eager mouth,allmost gagging on his length.relaxe,it's not going any were,frank told me.take me slowly and enjoy my size.with more practice you could take all of me in your mouth,frank moaned to me.i loved the way franks foreskin coverd his head,as i sucked him with it coverd,then uncoverd.frank told me to suck his big balls lightly,he loved it.franks balls were bigger than golf balls,as he told me.were full of his hot seed,that i was going to get alot of it.frank asked if i wanted to try his ***?as was real close to shooting his load.all the sudden with franks **** in my mouth,his hot *** shoot to the back of my throat.giveing me my first of many mouthfulls of his hot sweet tasteing ***.it was all i could do to swallow fast enough,as his large blasts of *** flooded my mouth full.
frank told me to pull off his ****,let his *** run down his shaft to lubricate.rubbing franks *** allover his ****,with *** still dripping from it.frank quickly positioned himself between my leggs,and guided his thick **** into my *****.dam it felt like he was stretching me apart his **** was thick.dam your ***** is so ******* hot,and tight!frank moaned to me.not sure if i can get all 8 1/2 inches inside you?as i moaned loudly takeing more of franks ****.frank told me i might bleed alittle bit as he broke my hieman,takeing my cherry.putting my leggs on his shoulders,asking me if i wanted him deeper?i moaned,yes make me yours,take me!frank pulled out to his head,then drove deep inside i gasped for air,and bit my lipp with pain.frank held it in me deep,letting the pain of my ***** opening up for his ****.as i felt alittle wetter from bleeding alittle bit from frank noticed when he pulled out,then going back into me again as deep as he could get.letting me adjust to his size holding it there shortly.
you like that frank asked,as i my moans sounded of plesure.yes,god yes make love to me!i told him wantingly.frank started ******* me with a slow rythem,until i orgasimed allover his ****.my ***** soaked him,and the bed.i thaught i pissed frank assured me,i just came.frank let go of my leggs,as i wrapped them around frank and i kissed makeing love.frank kept a regular rythem,as he got close to *******,he paussed.frank told me he wanted to *** inside of me,letting me feel his hot seed flooding my *****.give it to me,i begged,i want your *** deep inside of sooner i said that,frank shoot my ***** full of his seed,as the sensation gave me anouther *******.
frank and made love the rest of the night.the next morning he cooked us breckfest,then we made love most of the day.frank took me home to get some other clouths,as i stayed that night also.frank and i spent every weekend,and once or twice through the week haveing sex for mounths.frank was my first un cut ****,and first ****.over the years i've had cut,and un cut,as i prefer the looks of un cut,and the different feel from it.
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Fantastic story! Thank you for sharing it with us!

Thanks for sharing that great experience.

I am glad you were able to appreciate an uncut penis at a young age so will always appreciate one. I am also very glad to hear your experience with an older man was a very postitive one. That makes two points for my group being older and uncut.

Ever *** thru Chicago I have a 9 inch uncut **** for you!