Very Glad To Hear It

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It is very nice to know there are women out there that actually prefer an intact guy that still has his foreskin. I have had relations with women that had never seen, in real life, or been with an uncircumcised guy. At first they were a bit surprised and not sure what is was all about but after a little talking and letting them get comfortable they would try stroking it and sliding my foreskin back and forth. A really great feeling for all you ladies that would be willing to give it a go. As they continued to get even more comfortable we would move on to oral sex and let them explore the experience of sucking & licking a foreskin covered glans and sliding the foreskin back and forth with there mouth. When if finally came to intercourse they said they could actually feel the action of the foreskin and it was more pleasurable than a circumcised one. Only once did a women turn down any further activitiy when she found out I was not circumcised. I would love to hear from any ladies that have had experiences with uncircumcised guys or any ladies that are curious about it and would like further information. You can send be a private message from my profile page and I will give you my personal email address. I also have a web cam if you would like to wach and give me encouragement to perform for you. Of course if you also had a cam it would be even more fun.
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I think the medical media has give foreskin a bad name I seen and read articles saying that cut is better an cleaner. I'm uncut and I have never had a problem. My wife isn't really in to my uncut penis but my other FB they love it. I have this lady that call it her enchilada and loves to play with my foreskin.

I'm in my early 30s. Every guy I've been with has been cut, except for one (he's not American). It's a shame. I think I'll have to go to Europe since the circ rates for my age group are disgustingly high.

Furthermore, I can't understand why a parent would do that willingly to their son.

I am uncut and I remember when I met my wife 30 years ago she had never seen an uncut penis before. She used to call it her turtle and would play with me till I got to full length and the forskin would slid behind the glans. Every once in awhile she would come home with one of her girlfriends and ask me to show them my **** because they had never seen an uncut one.

My girlfriend (now wife) was a little surprised when I told her I had a partial circumcision.<br />
When flacid I look intact, when erect I have loose foreskin behind my helmet. Luckily I have a complete and functional frenulum. My wife had 2 younger brothers who were apparently circumcised and she did not know about intact ones. She just assumed every male's penis had the glans exposed. What an education I gave her. My Dad and 2 other brothers are uncircumcised and I'm not sure why I had a little snip. Perhaps, because I was the baby born in the 70's, "they took a little off the top". We have had all 3 of our boys partially circumcised at birth. The oldest, now 14, looks just like me with fully covered glans. I like the idea of having a covered moist, sensitive and bluished colored glans with no worries of adhesions or a tight foreskin. My Dad is 79 and just had a modified circ due to years of tightness.

That is the only **** I have ever had. Love it.

Glad to hear. Most females here in the United States don't know what they are missing.

I agree - so many women in the U.S. haven't experienced an uncut ****. I was past 40 years old when I finally had the experience and I loved it! If I could place an order for the man of my future, he would have an uncut ****!