Men Have Sexy Legs

So I always found that men have sexier legs then most women. Maybe cause their more toned. Idk but I always find when I'm out in public and I see a guy with his legs or some other part of his body exposed, I find a perfect outfit for his body. Usually a dress or some sort of skirt.

This is very entertaining past time especially in the mall where men seem to think that I'm am into them and they try to hit on me. The entire time their trying to get my number I'm trying to figure out their dress size or the perfect shoe. I tend to smile when I believe and they believer that they have game. It always end the same, they ask for my number or if they can be my 'friend' (I think this is a stupid thing to say we both know you wanna ****) and I decline and they seem really suprised. Today I guy actually said 'well you could handle me anyway. I saw you undressing me with your eyes damn shorty you cold.'

No dumbass I was really dressing you with my eyes and please believe it's me that you couldn't handle.
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I would love to be made up as women