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I've uploaded some of my wife's pics in my profile. View them then comment your rate of her body from 1-10, 10 being the highest. Also please tell me what you would to her if I lend her to you. Anything. As nasty as you please. She would love to read your comments.
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I would love to comment please add

PLease add me as I'd love to comment

I would love to see them

I would love to rate her

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love to comment on her pics

Will do, add me and I will give honest feedback. Thanks!

Add me and I will definately tell you what I would like to do with her.

I'd be glad to comment, give me an add and will see what happens.

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Thanks for the add! She is a 10+! I'd love to lick every inch of her over and over again! Love to have her *** in my mouth then I want to **** her every way possible and have a video of it with this gorgeous hot babe!

i would love to comment on your sexy wife's pictures! if you add me...i'll leave the type of comment you're wanting! thanks!

i would love to look at your wifes pics and i can be very nasty

Be happy to rate her and tell you what I'd like to do!

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lets do it.... and then I will.... LOL sounds fun, I am in!

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Well I have to say 9.5. If I could have her most definitely I want her on her hands and knees. Her *** is terrific and I want to watch gaze at it while I sink my **** into her ***** as far as I can. How about that?

Would rate her. Add me.

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