Me Myself And Him

Me and Callum have our differences but he has never once asked me
to change my body even when all of his mates say
"Your girls has no curves " or "Why does she have a small rack "
and even though it makes him angry
he never ever has asked me to change who i am and that is why i love him so muchheart

Like the other day his mate seen me in a mulberry purple maxi dress and heels  and he
turned to callum and went " Oh my god , Your girlfriend doesn't have the curves and chest to
pull that off "
And i got myself all upset and began to cry ( i know i should let them upset me )
but callum seen how upset his mate made me and automaticly pulled me into a hug
and kept telling me i was perfect and beautiful no matter what they said

And thats why i love guys that love you the way you are ! heartkiss
Fennellakiss Fennellakiss
13-15, F
1 Response Jul 27, 2010

such a great man you have found there... :) happy for you... :)