Just so that our non-Australian friends know what we are referring to...

Definition of Pash:

An Australian slang term for kissing with a tongue. Equivalent to the British 'snog'. Abbreviated from the term 'passionate kiss'

I still can't believe that this is an Aussie funny...the things you learn on EP...
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Wow, you guys are having fun on this thread, I had to catch up a bit and I'm glad that my new avatar is getting some love :-D Before that I had a bottle of wine pouring into a dark, thick puddle of red and it never got any attention.<br />
Clearly I should stick with the knotty themes. Good to see people using the term kinbaku instead of shibari :-D

Andrew is in the shatsu-zeme which is also a pretty brutal stress position. I hope you realise the pain he takes for your pleasure...

But did he take his mask off??

Yeah are no fun...take that shirt off your head! We want to see your cheeky face! If it is anything like the stunt nephew's you'll have us all cooing....<br />
<br />


Took me a while to figure the kinbaku out! That's a great avatar.<br />
<br />
I don't know whether it hurts more being waxed, or having the gaffa tape removed...???

Yes...i love the soya sauce bottle too!! Pity you didn't find it first Andy! I canjust imagine you as a soya sauce bottle all strung up like that!<br />
<br />
And Andy...that kiss is way to classy for a PASH! lol

Seems to be.<br /><br />
<br />
Aussies pash,<br />
Brits snog,<br />
Yanks French<br />
I just kiss because I'm already French.<br />
See the link for other variations.<br />
<br />
Can we stop reading now and start practicing?

I like it! Is it an intimate French kiss as we Americans call them?

lucky for me then!

And I didn't use those lines and it didn't work so well either!

No! If my memory serves me wasn't me who you wanted to get with when we first

True. I might not have snared someone as eloquent as Isshe with "I want to get with you"!<br />
<br />
All those prior lost opportunities though :(

What??? You mean all those girls I couldn't figure out what to say, and "I want to get with you" might have worked? Damn...<br />
<br />
The simplest things are often the best.

Bugger. It lacks that certain element of class...

Makes me think of that friend of yours and her boyfriend's pickup line:<br />
<br />
"I want to get with you"<br />
<br />
I really hope that's not international!