Its quite strange that I love it when a man moans, seing as on the whole I'm as quiet as a mouse. 

There is something about the act of moaning. To me it means the pleasure is so intense that a mere breath is not enough. 

It just sends bolts of electricity through me when I hear it. The moaning, grunting and strained gasps. The act of sex for me is very audial. 

I love to hear the excitement build in his voice. Starting with heavy breathing. His stomach rising and falling at an increasing pace. His hands grasping firmly into my flesh. The air hissing out of his nostrils as he devours my breasts. 

Then that moment of penetration. That deep satisfied moan. And then the sounds magnifying slowly to ******. 

It's like a sensual symphony. That's why I hate it when guys want music on. I don't. I want to hear the real music of love. I want to hear his moans mingle with my wetness. I want to gauge every moment. I want passion and abandonment. 

I think the most exciting lover I ever had was the most orgasmic. He was wonderfully vocal. And at the point if climax would start to tremble uncontrollably. His moans turning to groans and grunts! 

Misseddie Misseddie
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3 Responses Jan 22, 2013

it works both ways i love to do the same to her then she does it to me some times we *** at the same time looking at our faces its so intense

i love to moan but i also love to watch my girl friends face when she comes her face tells it all

Perfectly written

*blush* thank you. When are you going to write next? I keep checking. Xx

Not sure yet. When I get the time