Long Haired Guys Are The Sexiest!!

I think I'll end up marrying a guy with long hair.
And I'm not just talking about the wispy/swishy/around your face kind of hair...I'm talking like ridiculously long hair. Like, hair below the shoulders, like Fabio or something. That is just soooo insanely hot to me. I guess it may have something to do with my having long hair, but whatever it is, I just find men with long hair gorgeous. They remind me of warriors or elves or something of that nature. Maybe I'm just the weirdest girl everrrr but I just picture us on the beach together with Take my Breath Away by Berlin playing in the background.
Gah, we'd be such wild couple ;)
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I am married to a beautiful man with waist-length blonde hair. I love to brush it, wash it, braid it, and pull on it. I really love when he lets it down and shakes it across the top of his butt!

I completely understand. I have felt the same way for many years. Guys with long hair make me crazy. They are so beautiful and soooo sexy.

As you can see by my profile pic, lol, I have pretty long hair haha

That's awesome!! How long is your hair?

lol i have long hair i think guys look better with long hair actually its different and they stand out they they also look younger my hair is a little past my shoulders dark brown and curly at the bottom

<b>i have had my hair cut once in twenty years</b> but it only goes to my shoulders and a little down my back.<br />
i like long hair on <i>either</i> gender and will post about that later.

I would love to know where to find them too.

Gah I'm so jealous of you!!! I saw this guy with beautifulllllll long blonde hair at this concert saturday night and I was whisked off before I could get a chance to talk to him. I was soooo mad!!!! I'm still looking :/ where do you find them? ;)

I am so attracted to guys with long hair. My boyfriends hair is to the middle of his back. He loves when I play with it and I love playing with it. I braid it and put it up in buns all the time. Its great fun :D