My Sister, Not Me

This summer, during the Olympics, my sister and I were mesmerized with all of those gymnasts running around doing amazing things with their bodies. It was the coolest thing to watch them do that, and knowing they worked so hard to get there.
My sister and I woke up every morning at seven a.m. for the rest of the summer and worked on gymnastics until it got dark. We learned how to do a front handspring, a handstand bridge, and an aerial all by ourselves!
The gymnastics has taken a toll on my body. It affects me more because I have bad knees and my back has already been in a lot of pain lately, so I made the decision to quit part-time gymnastics.
Since then, my little sister (Just twelve years old!!!!) has quietly moved mountains in the gymnastics world without a coach and without help. She can now do front handsprings, handstands, handstand bridges, and aerials as well as back walkovers and front walkovers, and is learning a flip and a backhandspring. I couldn't be more proud of her.
I am getting her an actual leotard for Christmas, and I hope she loves it.
Many misconceptions about gymnastics are that only the "skilled" or the "flexible" can do it. This is false. You do need to be very light (My sister is about 80 pounds) and have a lot of ab, arm, and leg strength. We worked for months every day by doing exercises and workouts to try and improve our strength. Ever since I dropped out, my sister still gets up early every day to do them on her own.
Now she just constantly works hard on her skills. I am so happy for her. I hope this story helped all of you, too.
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Wow, I take official classes and I'm still not that good. ;P
How'd she like her leotard?

She should go into classes! If she can do all that now, then imagine what she could do with a proper coach!

Whata name. I is familer with chain saws and I tell yoy, they is plenty dangrous. I tried some of them gymnasties and found them plenty hard. So I respects your sisre too.

Thanks! I am very, very proud of her and how far she has come, and yet she still has that funny sense of humor and a great personality