okay so i spent 2hrs. writting this paper that was due tommorow and i was about to print it and it said you need to buy some more ink, so i told my mom and she said to bad im not going to get u any ink, and i told her its like half my grade and stuff but she still said tht she wouldnt get me any ink. The store is like 1mile away. I HATE HER.so i couldnt print my paper due tommrow or get pics. for it so i had to trace the pics. from my computer screen, and of course she didnt care!!!ugh. i mean oviously she dosent care about how i do in skool, but i do!!!!!so thats only  1 insident. There are many others to and ij will right them in another expeierence thing.

ihatemystupiduglymom224 ihatemystupiduglymom224
1 Response Mar 23, 2009

that really sucks, how did your grade work out???