I Love Naturally Hairy Girls

It is a natural process to have hairs on our body. In my openion pubic hairs on girls and on other parts are scientifically required but it is a fact that they add beauty to the little opening they have between their legs.Also its hot and sexy to see the natural hairs on the little armpits , arms and legs of girls. Whenever i see a beautiful girl or women I try to analyse by seeing her face, arms etc. how much hairs she must be having on her private parts and armpits. I love to take the pubic hairs in my mouth and suck them for long before sucking the ****. I love to lick the hairs in the armpits. The hairs seems to me as measuerment of the amount of sex a girl is containing in her mind and body. More the hairs, she is likely to be more hot and sexy in bed. It is beautiful to see the growing fresh pubic hairs and feel their softness. I love to keep my hand on her pubic hairs for long while keeping my two fingures inside the little ****. I also love to show the hairy bush of my wife to others. I like to lick the hairy legs and hairy arms of girls after telling them how beautiful their natural hairs are  on their tender soft skin.
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3 Responses Dec 11, 2012

I should share a picture I have of my step daughter. She has a very thick bush.

wow, would like to see that young hairy beauty

If you got some nice pics message me mate 😃

Absolutely my thoughts too, I started young, used to collect the pubic hairs of my first girlfriends so I would have something to admire while we were apart.
I cannot understand the current obsession with women shaving their quims, most unnatural and disappointing for natural hair lovers.

i totally agree. whenever a girl wearing sleevless cloths raises her arms above her head in front of me i expect to see her beautiful armpits hairs. if its clean i am disappointed