Fat Hairy Girls

well, i am a hairy fat girl and my man loves it!! he wants me to grow my underarm hair, my pubic hair and any other hair possible. i am very hairy by nature, and it feels so comfy knowing that my hairy bits turn my man on to the point of ******

Bronwinkel Bronwinkel
31-35, F
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I love hairy girls... The hairier the better

You are very lucky. In my 37 yrs, I have yet to meet a man who likes that I am overweight and hairy. Needless to say, I am still single...and will probably remain that way for the rest of my life.

Believe you Me... such as we do, indeed, exist. :)

I love chubby hairy women

I love fat hairy women

Lucky girl, i love hairy bbw's

I would LOVE to be with a hairy BBW. The hairier and bigger the better, I say!

love all natural hairy women !~

my gf has hairy legs and pits. but didnt when i started dating. told her how much i loved it and she said she did to it was a match made in heaven

Well done.

Not sure about the hairy part, but I love the big part...especially as she gets bigger!

there is nothing better than a big hairy woman, i get so horny just thinking about it mmmmmm!!!!

lucky....I wish my hubby was turned on by hairy-ness

and I wish he was too, for both your sakes. *hugz*

i just love hairy women too, i am so turned on by a hairy girl. does not matter about size or what is hairy, just love it all.

@Bronwinkel - I salute both you and your man. Excellent.<br />
<br />
@wanderingbutnotlost - We're out there. I know because I'm one of 'em.<br />
<br />
I wouldn't mind meeting such a woman who not only grew thick hair, but never wanted to shave, or even cut the hair from her head at all. That would be an absolute dream. Then, of course, would be the issue of whether everything else besides the physical was compatible... personality, heart, mind, spirit, etc.

I get really hot over big girls period, but the addition of really hairy underarms, ***** and legs is the tops. Love it!

I am totally into heavy women with hairy underarms, legs, pubic regions and buttcracks. I like seeing arm hair and even some facial peachfuzz like brunettes commonly have. If a girl has an unusually hairy beaver with a line of dark hair running up to her belly button and hairy thighs I go crazy with lust and *** in gallons. Ladies please through away all razors, wax and solutions! And toss the bras too!

My sister and I live in Humboldt County, where many women are in the natural state. This is hippie country and hairy pits, bushes and legs on girls are as common as pot farms and redwoods. My sister has gone to the totally natural state: hairy legs, underarms, pubic region and tossed her bras. I support her all the way!

love naturally hairy girls not so much into legs but pubic bum armpits etc lovely...

When I was younger, I was totally into the bald ***** thing ... as I've aged ... 51 now, I'm totally into the natural look for woman ... love a full, tasty bush ... even enjoy hairy pits ... and it's all even better on a bigger girl ... love a hairy BBW

i'm a big, hairy girl. looking for a guy who appreciates it as much as I do :)<br />
my email is chubbypiggyb3ar@yahoo.com if anyone is interested, message me!

I'm always wondering why I can't find a hairy woman!

I adore all the hair on a woman! And I think her hairy **** is the most wonderfully sexy part of her! I think shaven ***** make a woman look immature. I would be appalled if my wife shaved hers. She did ask me if she should once! I think it is a shame all the modern **** makes it look normal for a woman to shave, but then I suppose I shave my face, when some women actually like beards, which is hard to believe.

My wife is completely natural. and I love it , can't get enough.... all women should stop shaving. that would be a beautiful world!!

I don't know if my hubby would like it if I let everything grow out or not. Probably not, but you are lucky. I would love not having to be smooth everywhere all the time.

Why can't I find a man like that?

looking in the wrong places i guess