I Slept With A Hairy Indian Gay Man.

I was in NJ, last year.  I found this man in the internet.  Stocky, medium size, bearded, handsome, big hands and feet adn very very very hairy.  Chest on his back, chest all over his chest adn stomach. Hair even inside his deep and wide navel.   My dream came true.   We got together, little shy at the beginning.  We talked a lot and after that we went to his place.  He took away his shirt.  I saw him in his glory.  He likes smooth short guys.   We started kissing each other. We had some drinks and smoked some pot.   We were suddenly in his bed, naked.  I explored and almost got lost in his hairy body.  I rode him, he made love to me in my back.  He came in me and made me come no touching myself.  We spent a very wild and lovely night. 

AFter that night we repeated it several times.   Unfortunately he went back to India.   This was the best sex I have had in my life.

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8 Responses Apr 15, 2010

Hi indian myself totally bottom, i am encouraged by your post, i truth i tend to avoid indian/south asian men since i am never sure about the situation, been with a LOT of white and black men so far.

Hi this made me hard. Would love to meet and explore as i am bicurious with a strong urge to execute.

Oh yeah...you will enjoy !!!

Love the Bear! Hairy chest, belly, navel all do it for me.

Oh yeah...a hairy belly and a hairy belly button is a big turn on...i remember I was riding a hairy guy with a hairy belly and I came and filled his deep big belly button.

I have been with hairy Indian Men and when I think of it , I get so turned on

I love mature indian men...middle aged. Stocky and hairy. Wish find another to breed me good adn deep.

I am indian also....I love hairy men....there are soo many....but i like the middle aged ones...what abt u guys?

I love them too.

I lost contact with hiim ;-(

i like it.can i have the cotact no of that hairy man