my hot teacher. when I was in high school one of my teachers was a really nice looking young lady named miss Shapiro. she had long brown hair and was very tan and I thought she was quite hot looking. I noticed right off that her arms were loaded with blond hair which turned me on. she usually dressed quite conservatively but one day she wore a pretty short white dress to class and it didn't take me long to see that from the knees up her very tan legs were unshaved and truly loaded with peachfuzz golden blond hair. I was smitten with her from that point on as I have always been turned on by girls with blond body hair, especially on the legs, so I devised a little plan. I found out that she drove an old ford fairlane and the next time she wore a short dress I went out to the lot and slid into her car just before she was going to come out to go home. I pumped her fords accelerator furiously up and down until I smelled raw gas and knew it was totally flooded. she had on that short dress again that day as I went back in and told her I had missed the bus and asked if she could drop me off at home. she smiled saying sure so we went out to the parking lot and my heart was racing knowing what I was about to see. we got into her ford and I had to stifle a low moan when her dress rode way up and the sun hit her perfectly shaped, very tan legs showing off all that beautiful golden blond hair. she inserted her key and turned it while softly feathering the pedal and her ford just cranked over and over with an occasional tease and sputter but was way too flooded to start. my eyes were riveted to her legs as her little dress was a full fifteen inches above the knees and the sun was shining right in on her legs. she shrugged and tried the car again and it just kept teasing and whinnying and sputtering, refusing to start as she was getting it more flooded with each pump of the gas. she smiled saying bear with me it does this to me in the morning a lot too. ok I stammered, I am not in any hurry try it again. she tried it again to no avail as I had flooded it pretty good and she said wow, its really being stubborn today. of course she had no idea what I had done and I was getting quite excited watching her struggle to start it with her magnificent tan legs glistening in the sunlight. she could see I was getting quite flushed and flustered watching her and noticed my eyes were riveted to her upper legs and thighs and smiled. she glanced down at the huge mound in my pants and the jig was up, she knew I was totally aroused now. try again I panted, you will get it and she said it smells like its really flooded. yeah I said try pumping it more and she smiled coyly and said wont that flood it even more? oh god I sure hope so I panted you look so hot struggling to start it with your beautiful tan legs behind the wheel. oh she said smiling you like all the golden blond hair do you? ooh yes I panted, you have by far the sexiest tan legs I have ever seen. she smiled, liking the compliment and squirmed in her seat and her little dress rode up almost all the way. I was beside myself with lust now as I had never seen so much gorgeous golden hair on any girl before. her legs were driving me wild and she knew it as she cranked the car again, pumping just right to keep it teasing and whinnying but too flooded to catch. when she put her left foot up on the parking brake and the sun hit her leg I couldn't take it anymore and began rubbing the huge mound in my pants as she continued cranking her now totally flooded ford. another good long crank and I began bucking in the seat and she smiled, knowing what had happened. she looked over at me and smiled coyly and said so you like watching me flood my car with my legs showing do you? oh god yes I panted, it was so awesome to watch. she held her pedal down as we talked and she asked me you don't happen to know how my old ford got so flooded do you? I smiled sheepishly and said would you be mad if I told you I pumped your pedal a lot before you came out to the car? no she said smiling, I understand and that was a relief. with her pedal to the floor she finally got her old ford to start up and we got on our way toward my house. on the way I got up the nerve to ask her could we do this again sometime? to my surprise she smiled and said why not, it was kind of fun for me too seeing you getting all excited by my legs while I struggled to start my car. after all she was quite young and liked turning on guys ( even young ones like me). I asked her when can we do it? she said why don't I pick you up on Saturday morning about 8am and we can go for a ride. wow great I moaned, please wear something real short to show off your totally gorgeous legs with all this wonderful golden blond hair. as she was dropping me off she smiled saying don't worry, you wont be disappointed. wow I moaned, I can hardly wait for it. she smiled saying see you Saturday then and left. I can hardly wait to see what she s going to wear on Saturday morning. to possibly be continued, comment if you wish you were me on Saturday.
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Awesome story thank you for sharing. !!

got a lot more of them, stay tuned.