Most Women Dont Know There Are Any Men Who Like Hairy Women

Im a hairy woman, and it has made my adult life miserable, in just the last couple of years I found out there are actually men who would have preferred me-and I was shocked. And Im married to the typical type man who thinks women should have no hair anywheres. Guess thats life! I consistently deny him sex b/c of being self consciouss about being hairy. Im also hornier than the typical woman, so its denying myself as well.
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I wish my wife was hairy like you are

Your husband doesn't know what he's missing and it's a shame he's not accepting of the "real" you and embracing you for being the sexual woman it sounds like you are.

Tell him to look on the computer al look up female shaving. He will find that in the early 1900's the razor companies posted ads to get women to shave their underarms, lied about why they should do it, and got women to shave making the razor companies MORE MONEY. Why do you think they would run such an ad. MONEY. Women bought into the lie. Then as bathing suites got smaller, yup, now lets get them to shave their legs as well. Tell another lie and have the women buy into it again. Then finally in the 90's lie more, get the women to shave everything and tell the men this is normal. Now, both men and women are brainwashed. And to top it off, women that shave down below are much more receptive to infections from urinary tract to yeast infections and mrcer. And because of that have a higher chance of all kinds of female alements including mrcer infections down there and even cancer of her reproductive organs from the **** to the ovaries. LOOK IT UP. Most women are not told because the doctors say nothing or even deny it, the razor companies help keep it quiet and worst of all some women find the truth and ignore it. They would rather take the chance than be different. Make your husband see the truth behind shaving and what it can lead to. If he still gives a bad time, divorce him and find a man who will enjoy you, your heart and your body. And tell him that If doctors told him shaving would do all this to his sexlife and balls, he would rather die than shave again. Give the same respect and value on your health and life as well. If he doesn't, then believe me, leave him.

Dear lady, As you can see from the comments, there are guys, like me, who do not like the currently popular "Little Girl" look on women. From what you said, it seems that your husband is one of those guys who does. Too bad. Adult humans are supposed to have pubic hair. It's there for a reason. Given proper hygiene and daily showering and bathing, it can be an erogenous zone or a major turn on for a guy like myself. And there are plenty of guys out there like me that feel the same. I have no idea as to the percentage, but I'd like to think we are the silent majority. The subject as to if a woman shaves or not or how "blesses" she is in the bush department is not exactly something you can talk to just anyone about, especially if you are just getting to know them.<br />
Wish I could find a frustrated wife like you.

Hairy women are sexy. That sucks your husband is like that he doesn't know what he is missing.

Hello, how are you?

I don't like to beat around the bush. (HAR) Email me.

Women in their beautiful natural appearance are beyond compare to others who shave.<br />
This argument has a parallel to zero size women and those who are larger and most of us men would prefer the lovely curves of full breasts and hips that are wide enough to wiggle.<br />
If you are a hairy woman it is a really great shame you have not met someone who really appreciates you as you are. Please don't be ashamed or miserable about this. You are so lovely and female as you are.<br />
<br />
Love Paul x

there is nothing sexier than a girl with lots of golden hair on her well tanned legs.i wish you were my wife and i would show you how sexy you really are with all your gorgeous hair.i like hair everywhere but especially the legs.

Hi bl, well, there is nothing blonde about my hair, or tanned about my complexion, but glad to hear you like hair on the legs thats cool. Personally I dont care for blonde hair, be it on the body OR head, male or female, to each their own :-)

Dont be put off by your hubands comments, all hairy women are absolutly gorgeous, and if it makes them hornier, well all i can say is they are dam lucky, what i wouldnt give for a real hairy woman and really horny to, I would think i died and gone to heaven

Have you tried talking to your husband? If you haven't you should. Perhaps he'll be understanding.

I love hairy women. I love the feel of thick pubic hair and the smell it entraps. I can't find any hairy women where I live. If you're hairy and live in Calif, please contact me. Thanks

I love hairy women. Women shaving didn't start until the early 1900's and even then it was just the underarms. Then the legs too. And finally by the mid 90's everything. I think it is disgusting. A woman looking like a child. And these so called men. More like child molesters needing a woman to look like a child.<br />
<br />
Hairy women are sexy, beautiful and know what REAL WOMEN are supposed to look like. Tell your husband to MAN UP. Men are pigs and he should start acting like a man. And if he doesn't want you, divorce the little child molester and let a man treat you right.

Very elaborate, lol.

Hi Jack, I appreciate that you like hairy women-- I REALLY do, but try do try to be a little more tolerant dear ;-) You cant help what you like, and my husband cant help what he finds attractive either, its not fair to refer to him as a child molester. He has never SAID anything to let me know he doesnt like it, and his treatment towards me is very loving and affectionate...but I know from who he thinks is hot on TV what his preferance deep down would be etc. As for divorce, I personally look at that as an absolute last resort (especially if you have children) but if I ever do end up divorvced I will seek out someone who likes what I have naturally...but then even that will not be easy, b/c other things have to be taken into account such as compatibility and religion!

Many people are not tolerent with men who like hairy women as well. One guy found out I like th natural look and said that I, and all others who like hairy women are all homosexuals trying to hide it. Needless to say calling him a child molester for likeing the opposite shut him up. I am sorry and didn't mean offence but I honestly have gotten used to insults. So I insult first. I shouldn't and again do appoligize. But honestly. Many young men say hair is unnatural on women. I am sorry but that is the stupidest thing i have ever heard. Of course it is natural. Anyway, please don't take my attitude personally.

Yes, I understand...people really can come up with outlandish ideas when they just dont understand something...I once had a bf who liked my hairiness, and at that time, I thought OMG is an undercover (gay guy), this was confusing b/c that didnt seem to be true as he was extremely jelous and possesive-it was years late when I met a man online, well he tracked me down actually on a forum for hairy women where I was complaining-I started chatting with him-ONLY b/c he was a man from my own religion (he had not been the only one to try and contact me through that forum)-when I started chatting with him I was finally able to understand that some men like hairy women-truly. He told me hairy men actually grossed him out, he didnt even care for his own body hair and had tried to shave his chest in the past, but the hairier a woman was the more he would like it, to the point that he had broke up with girls who were willing to not shave for him, but couldnt grow much hair. Well, we were not compatible-didnt really care for his personality (lack of personality lol). But anyways, I think its great...if some of us have to be hairy, then SOME men SHOULD like it, lol, maybe there really is someone for everyone :-)

You are young. When I was a teen and in my 20's and even 30's very few women shaved their *******. And in the winter many women, although they won't admit it, didn't shave anything. They had hairy ******* and let the hair on their legs and underarms grow. Those areas were covered in the winter so many women didn't see the need in the winter. I grew up with this and it stayed the same into my 30's. So to me hairy women is a normal concept. Razor companies got women to shave through propaganda in **** and advertisements. They brainwashed women into being disgusted with their own bodies and hair on it. And what shocks the hell out of me is women bought it. Also there is proof that shaving a womans ***** can cause many extra medical problems with their reproductive systems including cancer. Many doctors say nothing, some doctors tell their female patients the possibilities but these women still refuse to stop shaving. It's a shame. Do these women actually believe if a man found shaving himself can cause testicular cancer he would still shave? Believe me, a man would go hairy as hell real quick. Women should have a choice, but they should know the facts. I just don't understand how propaganda and ads can run a womans life so completely.

Thank you. Hairy women are so very sexy. Nice to meet you.

Damned sexy legs. I would be a lier if I said I didn't want to see more. Because I do want to see more. If I were younger I would allready be asking if you had a man.

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I love hairy women also, armpit and anal hair just drive me crazy and I can spend hours just licking and smelling the hair on her legs, thighs and arms

I have no problem at all with hairy *****'s. But I must ask, aren't you making a bit too much of not shaving? I mean depriving you and your hubby of sex because you are too hairy and self conscious of it, seems a bit extreme for a problem so easily remedied.

I love hairy women the more hair the better everywhere ,it is such a turn on to me .My wife will not have sex for one reason or the other so we should switch and send her to your husband and you come to me I am very horny and love to pleasure a hairy woman.

Hairy women can be beautiful - it's a function of confidence but it's true there are a lot of guys who love it.

+1 !!! So sad to see what media and commercial interests can do. Screw 'em! Stay natural and beautiful. (But what are we going to do about your hubby?)

I love hairy women, thats is beautiful, nice and really good smelling with hairy *****.

I love hairy women, thats is beautiful, nice and really good smelling with hairy *****.

hairy women are sexy and beautiful!! The hairier the better! I LOVE HAIRY WOMEN

I agree with the three previous posters. I'm a big fan of the natural woman.

I'm one of the men who would adore your hairy body. Your hair would turn me on and is so very erotic. This is probably not much concelation. How your husband feels is what really matters. Just know though that there are many other men who feel the same as me and the two previous posters. You sound absolutely lovely and very sexy!

You are so right. There are tons of men out there that love and appreciate hairy women!