Why Am I So Fascinated With Hairy Women?

I have been fascinated with hairy women for over a decade as part of an addiction to p*** ,esp online. But I've always appreciated hairy armpits on a woman. I love that hippy vibe with the earth-mother goddess fertility connotations, I guess. When I go to folk festivals, I'm always on the lookout for a scrumptious treasure trail poking up from a sarong. My wife doesn't have sex with me much any more because of menapause and thyroid problems, but I used to love licking her hairy mound and I never worried about getting short curly hairs stuck in my teeth or at the back of my tongue - it was truly worth the inconvenience. I tried to convince her to never shave her crotch, but she sometimes did it thinking it would be more sexy for me. I stopped myself from whinging about it when she did that.

I often wonder why I am so fascinated with hairy women, but I have some ideas. Maybe because I saw my hairy mum naked in the shower as a child and this affected me? Maybe because I am attracted to powerful women (my first wife and my 3rd/current wife are control freaks!)? Maybe because I like everything all natural? But whatever the reason, hairlessness is a turnoff for me.
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3 Responses Jul 24, 2010

Me too! I love women all natural it is so sexy and such a turn on and always has been my preferance.

I appreciate your opinion...Mine is the same

Thank you for sharing your honest feelings about body hair. Just sitting here naked and sharing my feelings about body and pubic hair is such a turn on needless to say that i am totally aroused and at half attention now. Nothing like a thick bush of pubic hair on a woman, legs, and arms!