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For me, the process of allowing myself to be in my natural state is all a mental game. I have to psych myself into it. So I'm taking a lot of steps to support myself. I've been listening to people who love hairy women, thinking about all the open and accepting people I have in my life, spending time admiring my hair, loving my puppies who don't give a s**t what I look like, and thinking about all the people who do not follow social customs and march to the beats of their own drums. I've been thinking about supportive words I've heard or been hearing- a past boyfriend told me, "You're supposed to be hairy, that's your look, you're exotic." Another one told me, "It's okay if you don't shave, I'll still eat your *****." I see lots of older men who adore pubic hair, and I get inspired when I see younger ones too. I have a gay male friend named Jake who is coming back into my life soon whom I know would support me. I'm looking forward to spending a greater portion of my time with people who support my dreams. I think about all the people who tend to support hairiness, like hippies, and certain cultures and religions, and feminists, lesbians.

I'm not abnormally hairy, I'm just on the hairier side of the scale, being Arabic, Hispanic, and Italian. I just want to be me and thrive. No more alterations in order to accept myself. I want to look in the mirror and smile and know that this is me. It's about feeling beautiful and free. It's about seeing beauty in all conditions. It's about expressing to the world that I accept me. It's about supporting the uniqueness that is me. It's about waking up in the morning and life being easy and going with the flow.

It was so great to go to a nude beach this week with my stubbly legs, pubic hair, treasure trail, and pits, in full sunlight, and know that I'm getting closer to my goal. I'm feeling good about my nipple hair and my light chest hair, which is longer than just stubble, and of course my ever-glorious arm hair, and my soft facial hair. I had plenty of admirers. One woman said that my face is so beautiful and that she really admired my feminine figure and that I am "hot." Her husband said I am very pretty. I was with my boyfriend and it was great to have him see others admiring me. My boyfriend has always been surrounded by women who shave, so I'm letting him get used to the sheer visuals of seeing a woman this way. I have been focusing on appreciating the support and love I receive, while generating feelings of love from self and from God/Source. This way I don't have to rely on others accepting me in order to feel love. I have made a decision that I will disregard any feedback I notice that is not from a place of love. Everyone is worthy of love, and if there is any evidence that seems otherwise, then it is coming from a place of insecurity or misalignment, and it's not worth taking to heart. And I can always focus on giving love regardless of what anyone throws my way.
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Well I tell you what the men who have never made love, or gave oral sex to a woman's natural hairy ***** have no idea what they are missing. There is absolutely nothing more sexy then a woman with pubic hair sticking out of her underwear as your about to make love. The feeling of it on your penis as you make love is like nothing else. Shaven woman don't even come close to how you pleasure a man

plz add me love the hair

I love ladies that are comfortable in their own skin, in my day there was no such thing as pubic hair shaving. I'm hoping that all this new shaven and totally smooth look for females is only a fashion thing at the moment. The world needs more ambassadors like your good self to set the trend to make ladies return to the naturally grown up look they were meant to have.


Be hairy babe its sexy!

if he does not want you hairy i know who would

i love your story ,it was so refreshing to hear a woman be her natural self. these days women can have individuality,have tattoos piercings head shave,etc.but have something natural like body hair and facial hair and it is a no no.some women even police it. women cover it up so well today,many hairy women feel that they are the only ones.having no body hair women look like little girls.i thing you are beautiful please keep it up.

i love hairy women,please keep it up.

Good for you I bet you look so beautiful with your natural bod , keep it up love it

I love that there are groups of people out here that feel emboldened to be themselves.<br />
To me, there is nothing sexier than a natural woman with a full, lush bush and hair everywhere else God intended. Underarms are packed with pheremones, and women instinctively expose their armpit(s) when they are sexually attracted to someone. If only so many knew what they were missing! <br />
I'm in NY and would love to be able to walk into a 'natural' bar. ;)<br />
Bravo to you and all the rest who brazenly express yourself freely.

What a beautifully expressed sentiment. Hair on women is glorious! I love and support the journey you're on. Revel in it, enjoy it, know that you are in a wonderfully natural, truly sexy state. More strength to you. xx

Consider this: most people are afraid to go against societal conventions. That means there are a lot of people (men and women) who are secretly turned on by a hairy woman but are afraid to acknowledge it. If someone in their group makes a derogatory comment about hairy women, they will not openly challenge that person. My point is that, of all the species, humans have used sex as a response to survival. It was not just our brains that kept the species going, but we are one of the few species where the female can conceive year round. And in most of human history -- which is unrecorded -- women were hairy (and they had body odor). The logical deduction has got to be that men are hard-wired to respond to hairy women sexually. Our so-called modern society has in this sense forced us to deny our deepest sexual responses. So, there are a whole lot more of us out there, they are just too cowed to admit it. Stay hairy; it's natural, and it's sexy, and don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

i love hairy nipple treasure trail sideburn hairy pit ect!

It tastes best when it is hairy

I love natural body hair on women and especially a hairy ***** and bottom, very sexy!

What do you think about your men - hairy or smooth? I wax my back, crack, sack because, like you, it is my preference. Seems women always have an opinion on their men and rarely say it doesn't matter.

That's up to him

Wow, the unique woman who really doesn't have a preference.

Hi. Wow. You are such a beautiful, sexy woman. Have you ever been to Sandy Hook? I used to go often but not so much these past couple of years. I'd love to meet you there some day. Hahahah! Take care gorgeous.

That's where I go. And Lighthouse Beach

There's a girl at a store near my house who has beautiful dark hair on her arms. It makes me secretly wonder about what other parts of herself she dares to let be.<br />
<br />
From your profile pic you are a beautiful woman and any man would be lucky to have such a brave natural woman on his arm.

Beautiful story! Thank you for sharing. :)

It's good to come across people who conciously choose to make or acquire more positivity for their lives. I'm curious, however, do you think that people who are smooth below are vain/misguided?

I don't think vanity is a bad thing unless you're bringing down others. I'm all for self-love and appreciation. And in terms of whether a person shaves or not, or somewhere in between, it's all about how it makes you feel. At the end of the day, it's just ******* hair! But for me it symbolizes a certain appreciation of self and a certain reminder that, wait a minute, I get to choose here! A certain self-autonomy. That with all the ideas out there, ultimately this is a choice that's all mine.

I love seeing you on here so often and hope you are enjoying the site and all of the people here. :)

How's your progress now? Your boyfriend is lucky to have someone like you.

Be natural. I LOVE hairy ladies, especially ones that don't shave their pubic areas and also the beautiful forearm arm. ALWAYS so gorgeous.

Love that you are not shaving and that your boyfriend is supportive of that. I'm sure many men will really admire your looks :)

Thanks for the update! You have supporters, never forget that.

Thanks guys for the love. So the update to this is that it's winter in NY and I now have a full bush! It's a lot of fun. The hair is soft and dries really easily after a shower. It's nice to have a cushion between my p***y and my panties.<br />
There are still areas I've been shaving, as I prefer to ease into things rather than shock my system with too many changes that I'm not ready for. I've been shaving the pits and the calves and the lower belly, and doing little spot checks on the face.<br />
The face has really been a lot of fun because my brows are bold and I have my fawn-like peach fuzz on my face, and everyone sees it every day! It's fun to look in the mirror and accept myself. Things that used to bother me don't bother me as much. I'm seeing how open and accepting people are all around. I think 2011 is a great year for me to come out of my shell. It's liberating to finally stop caring about what other people think. It used to seem like a daunting task, but it seems more reachable than ever before. I understand that with everything people do, everyone is just trying to feel a little better, and for some people, the only relief they can find from their uncomfortable emotions is to criticize.

you are so hot...and this makes ME hot!!

are u in nyc?

The things you wrote show that you want to be natural no matter what people think but you are also intent on being seen as worth as much as anybody else. You are perfectly normal, and even more so because you are in touch with the way your body works. Not many people are as comfortable with themselves as you are with yourself. You can be proud of all of that and it is a beautiful thing to have. So when you go to a nude beach again, you can be assured that the beauty inside of you complements the external and be glad to be the way you are.

You are beautifully are indeed admired!!

Thank you for sharing your thoughts and feelings you must be a beauty with all of your hair especially the strands on your chest and other parts!

Congrats. I've been chasing hairy armpits my whole life. I'm divorced and refuse to date a shaven woman. Thank you. Any pics?