My Natural Hairy Bush Smell

I really love rocking a bush (I think it's campy and kinda fun) but I notice having pubic hair automatically makes me smelly. When I have a full on bush I have about 10 non-smelly moments after a shower. Everything after that is somewhat rank. When I have to pee I can smell my vag a mile away just from pulling down my pants.

When i shave this is never an issue. I hardly have any smell at all, and, whatever I notice is mild and pleasant.

I actually went to the gyno cause I thought I had an infection, but, she said everything looked and smelled normal. She even gave me a vag swab to sniff, I have to agree that there was no unusual odor.

Is this just something unavoidable when you have a ton of pubic hair? Will it always smell really strongly?

I also have to pee every 2 seconds, I feel part of the smell may be pubic hair+pee. Idk, I can't shower every time I have to pee. Shaving works alright, and solves the problem, but I don't really like to shave to begin with.

Any suggestions????? I want to be able to rock a bush and not be smelly. Like right now I let it grow out really thick and where it spills out of my undies.

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post a pic

post a pic and add me

Nothing as beautiful as a natural woman, I would be honored to be a friend.

I will volunteer to hold your hair out of the way or lick up any left over. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE NATURAL WOMEN, could you add me please.

That is just the wonderful smell of a natural lady, and trust me its a wonderful scent :)

plz add me so i can see that wonderful bush

OH MY GOD, I think I love you. I love a natural woman with a big bush and hair sticking out her panties.

don't shave. you'll find a guy that enjoys the smell. I wish I had a woman in your situation

Keep the hair! I love the smell---my wife has a very hairy vag---and she never shaves her pits either---She smells so good it sometimes makes me *** just smelling her pits! A big treat for me is if she doesn't shower for a few days---the smell is the greatest!! DO NOT SHAVE----EVER!!!!!!

I have to admit the smell of a natural bush is very intoxicating

I have always loved the smell of my wife's *****.
When we started going out together she had a small amount of pubic hair and then she shaved it all off. It took awhile but I talked her into growing it back. I find now that the smell from her ***** is so horny, I always lick her to ******. I love the feel of her hair on my face. We sometimes have sex when she hasn't been able to shower for a while and she has never smelt bad, in fact her smell is even better the mix of ***** and a hint of pee on her pubes makes me *** fast.

I have never noticed a bad smell or aroma from a bushy woman which I prefer.

Pubic hair can actually hold in the bad odors and keep them from smelling bad. I let my bush grow to my fullest.

If you shower like twice a day, then it doesn't matter if it's shaved or not. But if you go for a couple of days without showering, it's gonna smell bad either way, but worse if you're completely shaved.

I let mine grow out into a big bush.

Leave it baby, natural is beautiful.

My girlfriend is very hairy and it makes my cocksohard. I love her natural scent and I love licking her hairyassholeaswell.

I love that smell. I told my girlfriend to let me smell her natural scent, as it makes my cocksohard.

It smells fantastic to a man, DO NOT Shave. natural hair on a womans ***** is
SO sexy, and a treat to eat

I would rather smell a strong vag smell and rub my nose through a forest than to just feel skin with no fur forestry!

It is probably very hard to get rid of this strong smell, but on the bright side, lots of men love this strong vag smell. I wish you end up shaving cuz of the Damn...reading your post turned me on!.

its ok to smell most real men and women enjoy that smell!!

Don't shave....I think that you are a bit overly sensative...maybe because of something some has said...I don't know but I do know that if you are a clean woman and stay that way then there will be no issues....

I love a smelly bush like that more than clean shaved

Keep that beautiful Hairy the way nature intended it to be!

I think it may be the **** smell. I also love a hairy *****, and the only smell I find a little ob<x>jectionable is that urine smell (mind you, if I'm about to go down on a beautiful woman's ***** I get over that in about 1/2 a second!!)<br />
<br />
I think that is why French women use a bidet after the toilet, to keep their bush smelling sweet.<br />
<br />
But don't confuse the **** smell with the natural perfume of a woman. It is natural and intoxicating and held by the pubic hair. <br />
<br />
p.s Would love to be a friend. xx

Keep the bush - trim it enough where you don't pee on yourself....but keep that beautiful bush!

being natural is most healthy for you to keep washing and wiping and shaving all the time is bad as it removes the good bacteria that is there to keep us healthy and clean..

i think i understand where you're coming from. is trimming out of the question? doesn't have to be extreme in either direction, does it?

Nothing like eating at the 'y' with a hairy entrance!

I love hairy *****, especially if it comes out the sides and top of your panties. I also love seeing big lips sticking out. Oh... this is turning me on as I type. A big hairy roast beef sandwich, soaked with a good helping of p*ssy juice. THAT'S GOOD EAT'N!

I love the smell of a hairy sweaty *****

I love it hairy I bet it smells goood to me .I would love to lick you and find out.

Really don't worry one bit. You are probably being over sensitive and most men love the smelly ***** anyway. I love a pissy hairy ***** smelling it drives me wild. People around you won't notice I'm sure only with nose right close to your bush.

Use a wipe with witch hazel!

its supposed to smell that way. That is called pherimones. When you remove the pubic hair[ and the natural smell] you remove most of the human sexual signal.

Keep the bush .I think hairy ***** is so beautiful and the scent is so wonderful it is an natural attractant to males .The animal instinc comes out in me to smell the hairy bush it makes me really hard when I get a wiff .

Change your diet!

yes, you could always wipe with a moist towelette after peeing. But don't do it too much unless you have good medical reasons to. The natural way you are is best because your body protects itself. I think the fact you didn't find anything wrong with the smell of the swab makes it sound as though you're feeling too self-conscious about it. If you have a friend who you think is really trustworthy about this you could ask what they think without going into too many details, like "do I smell clean to you or what?" which they wouldn't always think was about your vagina.

Damn! If you were to pull down your pants near me and I could smell your vagina, it would drive me insane! In a good way!

Keep the bush, especially letting it come out the side of your panties (beautiful!) and if you need to trim a little around the area you pee from and wipe over, do so. I do the same with my *** hair - keep it trimmed and it makes for a much cleaner smell there for a longer time but I remain pretty much natural.

I trim instead of shaving, and wash well in the shower and usually have no odor, when I do, it is mild. Maybe keeping it trimmed might be a good compromise between shaving and having a lot of hair?

I say I love your hairy ***** and leave it alone. I also like the smell of a lady that has a bush so again I see no down side to you having a nice bush. Sounds perfect to me. I don't like shaven pubic areas. To me it looks too juvenile and pre-pubertial for a woman to have. Just my 2 cents worth.

Your smell is natural.....if you like you could try wiping your p***y after you pee with a hygienic wipe! The thicker the bush the better!!!

I'd say if your significant other doesn't complain, all is well. It could be you psychologically messing with yourself too. Either way, you should do whatever makes you comfortable.<br />
<br />
My 0.02 cents.