I Am Proud Of My Big Bush!

I am a relatively young woman and I don't shave my pubic area at all. I'm not "scary hairy" or otherwise hirsute, but I am lucky to have a dense mat of curly black hair between my legs. I love how it makes me look like a mature and sexually capable woman! There is just something irresistibly promiscuous about a messy full bush, compared to the fully shaven bald ***** (which IMO looks like a plucked turkey)! I refuse to be ashamed of my natural pubic hair. I live in Northern Europe, where the natural body still seems to be more accepted than in the USA.

What I especially like is the thought of the bush attracting men because it spreads the natural smell of a woman. I have noticed that my ***** has a pleasant and fairly strong smell, and my ex-boyfriend once remarked that he liked it. It is sad if women immediately perceive natural ***** smell as something negative - it has nothing to do with infections and such things. The animalistic side of sexuality is ignored because people have got hang-ups about hygiene. Smells are very important for animals, so why not for humans as well! I love the thought of a man smelling and eventually tasting my hairy *****.

There are pressures for women to shave, not least by other women. I have been happy to find that many men appreciate natural pubic hair on women. It is so ridiculous how shaving has become almost the social norm - hair is so natural after all and still in the 80s there were many pornographic models with beautiful thick bushes. My opinion is that accepting your pubic hair is a mark of truly liberated and confident sexuality. If you too appreciate full bushes, please leave a comment for me, I love reading them! :)
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26 Responses Jan 26, 2012

I prefer a natural unshaved woman the way God intended us humans to be. I am not a ********* and I DO NOT, REPEAT DO NOT WANT TOMAKE LOVE TO A CHILD. Women with no hair look like 6yr. old little girls and I know that this statement will will **** some men off. I want to make love to a woman that looks like a real woman, I love going down on women and all the hair excuses are a lot of crap.

Couldn't agree more

I agree with you, I love hairy women, unshaved **** and *** are totally sexy, and only armpit mmmm ... I love watching these women and jerk off my ****

I agree having liven in the USA and Europe. Women are far more comfortable with their natural assets and sexuality as a whole. Happy when I see a woman that is comfortable in her own skin and not left feeling they must conform to social norms.

A nice hairy bush is what gets me so hard.....nothing sexier than watching my **** surrounded by bush ;) GOD Bless hairy *****!!!

I loved reading this. You are so right. I love a full bush especially a thick black one. It is my ultimate turn on and I don't know why women want to shave it off. It's hard to find a woman who is natural these days. The thought of your bush and sweet ***** smell has really got me going. Thank you x

Amen! I wish more women thought this way. Women with thick, beautiful bushes are by far way more sexy than shaved Barbie dolls. I love women not little girls. Great story! Stay an individual and stay hairy my friend!

I love women with thick dark bushes. At 1st glance it looks like they are wearing knickers :)

Love it. The nose knows.

rub it on my face!! omg died and gone to heaven??

I have always loved a nice bush on a woman. I find it to be much more of a turn on than shaved.

I to love a big bush, it is supposed to be there & I will not be with a woman that shaves, I just find it kind of cheap & unattractive!

Love hairy *****, selavatic hair and odors...

I personally think that men that like bald ******* are all pedophiles thinking about ******* little girls and makes me sick.

I love a natural woman, if God did not want us to have hair down south we would all be bald.

Wow....i live in Houston, Texas and i love a hairy bush......you hit the nail on the head when you said some men like the natural smell of a hairy bush........i don't like it...i LOVE it. I can't stand to look at a shaved *****, it turns me off. Unfortunately, almost all women that i meet here shave......i am still looking for the right, real hairy woman, to smell and ***. Maybe i should visit Northern/Eastern Europe sometimes soon. I hear many European women go NATURAL. I get so excited just thinking about your hairy bush and what you wrote here........lady, you get it. Thanks for the "turn-on" and stay hairy. Joebecky!

totally with you, hairy & natural is the best, shaved makes it look like you are after little kids - no thanks to that - More women should not shave

I live in the US and i wish more women were like you here. They just think all guys want it smooth down there but as for me i love for a women not to be shaved down there. I agree with you on the scent it is a very lovely scent and very addicting.

love a nice bush 2 plz get other women to join u band together and stop this abuse of pubic hair

I completely agree. When I think back at all the love affairs I had, I know for real and for unconscious that nothing else has dazzled me so much like the smell of a woman, and also, that I was turned off by bad ones, but the good memories are perfumed with women's body smells that surpass anything else I have smelled in my life. And I am talking about natural odours, nothing else. Some of the smells I still remember 30 years on. It is the best thing I have ever tasted. It is also true that the trees of the bush preserve the good odours and keep them there. A bit of commercial perfume will not destroy that, but more of course if you shave.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts! :) Memories of enjoyable intimacy stay with us for a long time!

I love a nice full bush on a woman! very sexy and yea it brings out the animal in me!

A full bush is so natural... We should embrace our natural sexuality without any pressures to be artificial.

Very sexy, I love this. And I hope that you would wear a bathing suit that shows that you don't shave, I think that's amazingly sexy. How has the reaction been from men who have actually see your hairy bush?

To be honest, I don't wear a bathing suit that often, and I have usually shaved some hair from the sides of my bush before appearing in swimwear... But now I want to keep my bush as natural as possible, so I'll have to think again...
The reaction from men has been either positive or neutral. :)

I'm glad that you will reconsider this, I would certainly react positively. It would be very sexy for me to see this.

Such honesty, long may your bush grow...xXx

Thank you! It is good to be honest about sexual issues.

Thank you!

Couldn't have said it better myself. Kudos!

I'm glad you liked the story!

Keep your pubic hair intact!

I will! :)