German Women

True story: When I was in France attending a French university, I went on a day bus trip with a group of the other students, one of whom was German. His girlfriend from Germany was visiting and she came along on the trip. The bus was one of those tour buses that has a rack above the seats for luggage. It was a warm day, autumn in the south of France is very mild. For quite a long time during the bus ride, the German girlfriend stood at the front of the bus facing back towards the rear of the bus with her arms outstretched, each hand holding on to the edge of the luggage rack. She had on a sleeveless shirt and, you guessed it, very hairy armpits. The pit hair was thick and somewhere between chestnut brown and dirty blonde. I could not take my eyes off of them. Later it occurred to me that she knew exactly what she was doing and was probably enjoying the men (and probably the women too) looking at her hairy armpits. Years later, I had a relationship with a woman of German background (she wasn't exactly German, more like American with German heritage, but she had also lived in Germany). When I asked her to grow her armpit hair she had no problem with it during the winter. She shaved in the summer, but said if she were still in Germany, she wouldn't shave ever if I wanted. Germans are much more into natural sex and hairiness, and are not as prudish as Americans. I speak French and Italian, and have recently been thinking seriously about learning German, for obvious reasons.
eurotripper419 eurotripper419
56-60, M
Apr 23, 2012