Hairy Female Armpits

I find hairy armpits on women a massive turn on.
I visited Berlin last week. It was very warm, up to 28c. I was riding on the U-Bahn (underground train) on Friday which was quite full. A lady of about 40 years old got on & stood next to me. As the train set off she reached up to grab onto the pole to steady herself revealing a very hairy pit which was no more than 6inches from my face. I was instantly aroused and wanted to stick
my Tongue on it and give it a long lick. I could smell her musky odour and I even went passed my stop so I could look at her for
longer. I can only imagine what her bush looks like.
Puffylovee Puffylovee
36-40, M
1 Response May 14, 2012

WOW how cool man!!! yummmmmmmmmm