Bushy Wife

My wife has not shaved her ***** since last summer - that is now 8 months. She now has a lovely dense bush, long hairs, some growth down her thighs and nice hairy lips. We often ********** together, and I love watching her play with her lips. I get excited and then suck on them - i do not mind hairy lips at all! I just pull the ***** hairs back and then get down and suck and kiss - it sends her wild. We are often nude together and she is very casual about her hairy *****. I love it and tell her. Every night I touch it and play a little - she and i never wear any panties ect to bed so genitals are always within reach!!
longtom1 longtom1
51-55, M
1 Response May 25, 2012

I love them furry. How about that woman who had pubic hair just short of 2 feet. <br />
That sounds like a fun time to me. It would be cute in braids with tiny ribbons. Ready to see some pictures of that:) A really hairy p***y turns me on:)!

Seriously,almost two feet! Who is this women, where's she from, and any pictures? Hope you respond, thanks.