Being A Hairy Woman

I'm a 26-year-old, and I happen to be somewhat hairy. In fact, I don't know if I have more body hair than the average woman, because, nowadays, eveybody is waxing/shaving/plucking everything...but, well, I'm fair-skinned and dark-haired, so it's kind of visible...

 I used to be self-conscious about my body hair, especially my (tiny, now I see!) belly button and nipple hairs, so I'd shave everything off, including, of course, my pubes. But not anymore: last october I decided to take a break on shaving everything, except my legs, and now I feel more confortable just being myself.  Summer days are here and, believe me, no one cares if I have hairy pits or not! Big surprise, hey??? :) why do we make  such a big deal out of body hair???
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i love it and find you super sexy in a great way! I love hair and the fact you dont shave is perfect. Please tell your friends not to shave. p l e a s e!!! i love natural hair, it turns me on and is sophisticatedly perfect. IMHO

Message me, we can ytalk about our hairy interests :)

Good for you girl. I tried all my life to find a girl who let's her hair grow. Wow, it's almost impossible. There is just something so much more complete about a natural woman.

add me so i can see u

My kind of girl!!

Love hairy womens

Awesome !

I find it attractive and think more women shouldn't be ashamed of it

I love hairy women add me please xx

Well said. I do love a natural girl.


Love natural hairy women.Perhaps experiment with letting the leg hair grow too.

love to see all hairy girls all the time so you got it baby

thanks for the the look and agree too much shaving. even legs being hairy is a soft wonderful thing.

Thank you for this post. It is gratifying to see women going natural.
I also love it and find it hard these days to find a truly natural hairy woman. Like some of you that commented, I like a woman with hairy armpits, hairy all, hairy everywhere.
I have been somewhat successful in circles such as environmentalists and hippie type women, even though the latter are not very fond ob bathing.

I'm a 24 year old attractive male and I find women who don't shave very attractive. Besides seeing a woman show her hairy pits or legs in public, which I haven't, how does a guy go about finding a woman who doesn't shave?!


Great choice MissNN. I love pure, natural women and I hope more women decide to let it grow.

Well said.

nice to see you embrace whats natural. your beautiful

I respect you. There is no shame in being hairy.
As you can already see, there are people that admire your attitude and will accept you as you are. Thank you for sharing!

I like your style and attitude. Way to go. I bet you look sooo Sexy. Be natural and everything else will come.

Must have felt good to be yourself. I bet you look and feel beautiful everyday now.

MissN,<br />
I refreshing post - I see many others have the same opinion. I certainly agree that there is nothing wrong with a woman keeping her natural body hair, even on legs. I also find "natural" to be really sexy but apart from that, if only for natural beauty I wish more women could be convinced to follow this approach.<br />
<br />
When a woman goes natural she does not look like a pre-pubescent girl or a plastic doll!<br />
<br />
Best wishes.


You must show us all some time, sounds so sexy. Well done for embracing mother nature! Are you from the UK? Id love to chat. Do you meet people from ep? Xx

Respect for you! As a woman, you MUST be proud of yourself.. of your natural self. The world is already packed with un-natural women and we just don't need them anymore! Hairy is beautiful, tender, and incredibly sexy. Just stay as you are, and keep teaching others the rightest and more authentic way to be.<br />
Thank you for being so... yourself.

I'm glad to hear that you've come to terms with your body hair. It's not a big deal at all, but everyone acts like it is.

Hairy armpits are so cute!


It's so encouraging to know other girls/women are doing this! And much like you i have fair skin and dark hair but i think it's something to accept, it makes the hair stand out more, like people with pale skin and black hair (on their head)! I still love the way it looks in sunlight, a subtle golden! I think it's mixture of things as to why we fuss so much over it. One of them being it's a good way to make more money because of products we need in order for it not to be there and women are an easier target, i think in the west it started almost a hundred years ago so women would've been very much under the control of men making it easier to target females, also alot of us have this way of thinking that the further away a woman is from being a man even if the concept of what is manly is just a stereotype, the more female she is and the more attractive she is! And as on average men by nature are hairier than women, especially with all this encouragement nowadays people instantly assume it's unfeminine which is just delusional! And then there's this utterly stupid idea that hair is dirty which is ironic because it protects your body by catching germs therefore you're less likely to have an unhealthy body, well i can't be bothered to go into details about hair and dirty-ness now but it's just a bunch of things probably more than the few things i've just said so it all adds up! That being said the hair facism is closing in on men, too but that's more rooted in the money-making scheme than anything else overall. It's all silly in reality and the only reasons i can think of for someone getting rid of body hair is it's itchy for them and possibly and operation (probably not neccessary and stupid of me to say for an operation but whatever!)