A Meeting To Remember

I was a flight attendant for an international airline and a member of the flight attendants union. A good friend of mine asked me to help him out and be the grievance chairperson while he was the union leader of our base. I agreed. I was damn good at it, if I may pat myself on the back. I actually won a few grievances at the local level, and that is not an easy feat, considering the company holds all the cards in the process.

I remember the first time I saw her. It was a one day meeting, the systems grievance chairs would convene in a one of the eight base cities and discuss the trials and tribulations of the grievance process, aka a ***** session. I had traveled from Hawaii and was little jet lagged. We were all sitting around a table, 8 grievance chairs. Introductions were made and we all introduced ourselves. I was instantly intrigued by this gorgeous tall olive skinned woman sitting across the table from me. The truth be told, I noticed her as she walked into the room, she was tall (about 5’ 8’’), slender, jet black hair and dark eyes, a figure that would stop men on the street, even in San Francisco’s Market district. She was drop dead gorgeous, what else can I say. She introduced herself; there was a subtle air of sophistication about her. She was based in Miami.

The morning dragged on. I found myself starring at Sandy. Fantasizing about spending hours making love to her and what I would do to satisfy her. She was sitting with her back to the window the sun came in through the window and I could see her silhouette and the hair on her arms. It looked so soft all I could think about was lightly touching her.

Finally, we broke for lunch. I was hoping to get a chance chat a little with Sandy and get to know her a little better. As luck would have it she was sitting with a good friend of mine from one of the other bases. I said hi and was invited to join them for lunch. I immediately sat down. Who wouldn’t have? The conversation was about the morning session, where we had been lately and where going to be going. I was flittering with her from moment one. She was more beautiful the closer I got to her. Her skin was silky smooth; her olive complexion and her smile were perfect.

The afternoon was similar to the morning, boring. I tuned in and out of the meeting, mostly, I was lost in thought looking at Sandy and wondering what it would be like to spend hours with her in a naked lustful embrace. The thoughts of making love to her for hours resting then doing it all over again made the time go by much faster. Finally, we adjourn, thank God; my rear was tired of being in a chair. At lunch I was mentioning having a beverage or two directly after the meeting. It seemed like a plan. To the bar I charged for adult beverages and another chance to chat with Sandy. There were several of us chatting about the days meeting and the problems we faced at our bases, how the hearing processes were going, etc. I couldn’t take my eyes off Sandy. I flirted with every bone in my body, if that is possible.

A decision was made for dinner. A quick shower and off we went to a restaurant someone recommended. We met in the lobby of the hotel. I was dressed casual jeans and a shirt. A few short minutes after I arrived, Sandy showed up in a white blouse and jeans. Stunning is all I can say. The blouse was unbuttoned just enough to get your attention but not far to give anything away. The dinner conversation was typical for flight attendants. The most recent shopping news, where to get it, rumors, romances, restaurants, the flying that we were getting in our bases, flirting, what the company was doing or not doing, more flirting, etc. I did find out that Sandy was indeed dating someone somewhere, the lucky bastard. My hopes were dashed. Damn all the luck. Oh well I could still fantasize and I did. Headed back to hotel and said our goodnights.

After breakfast I was off to the airport as were the others. It was a good meeting but had to get back and go back to work. Someone had to it and I am glad it was me. At least I got a hug and kiss on the cheek from Sandy as we said goodbye at the airport.

Time passed, there were a couple of grievance meetings throughout the year. Each time I couldn’t wait to get there and flirt with Sandy. She was still dating. Oh well I could still fantasize and my imagination was on overload.

President Reagan put into effect policies to protect people using public transportation. Specifically, all transportation workers would be subject to random drug and alcohol testing. Well, that news shook the unions to the bone. None negotiated rules that would impact every flight attendant. How would the union deal with these new rules and how to protect the rank and file if a positive test happened. How else, a meeting was called, this time it was all the grievance chairs from all the companies the union represented (quite a large group, 5 different carriers). We were summoned to Washington D.C., the George Meany Center, kind of ironic if you think about it.

I arrived late that night before the meeting was to begin. Found my way to my room and crashed. It was fall, I hadn’t heard from Sandy if she would be there or not. I knew she still a grievance chair but wasn’t sure if she would be at this meeting. I had faith, hope and prayed she would show up. I got up showered dressed in suit and tie and I stumbled into breakfast at 0700, in Hawaiian time that is 0200, AKA damn early. I could barely see and my mind still foggy, no coffee yet, but I heard my name being called. I located the table where my name was being called I was so happy to see Sandy sitting there, big smile on her gorgeous face waving at me to come over and sit with them. Elephants couldn’t have kept me away. I approached the table and she jumped up, I got a big and a kiss on the cheek. She had on dress pants, a blouse and blazer. I could feel her body as we hugged, her breasts touching my chest me pulling her toward me I could smell the scent of her soap she had showered with that morning (it was not the stuff provided by the center). I was in heaven.

The topic as you can imagine was that of drug testing. This was serious. What would happen if someone tested positive? Would there be rehab, disciplinary action, how many offenses before termination? So it was a fairly serious discussion and there were lots of chairpersons around. Sandy and I latched on to each other, there is comfort with what you know, and we made our way to a large meeting room. It was a small auditorium, on stage the lawyers were milling around along with the upper echelon of the union leadership. Sandy had been a nurse in her past life. My first degree was keg tapping and partying with a minor in biology. I had recently returned to school, and was in the process of getting into the healthcare field, I was taking chemistry and biology courses (the hard ones).

The union attorneys’ spent the morning outlining the unions position and what we as the grievance chairs would be doing to facilitate a positive outcome for our members. At times the discussion got heated. There was general feeling that the union leadership sold us out. Some of us, me included, let them know that. I was engaged in the debate as was Sandy who was sitting next to me. I couldn’t help, at times, to let mind my wander off as I looked at her hand, wondering what it would be like to have her long finger on my back as I lay on top of her. We broke for a lunch break.

An attorney joined our table, which I am sure she regretted. There were lots of outstanding issues and we made no bones about them. Sandy was particularly vocal. I just kept watching her fantasizing about her being naked, I am a pervert and freely admit it. The afternoon session was to be small groups to discuss the morning, I hate small groups. I was not going be denied entry into whatever group Sandy went to, I think she wanted me there as much as I wanted to be there. She was flirting with me almost as much as was with her. It made for a most pleasant afternoon.

After the meeting adjourned for the day, we were scheduled for the next morning as well, we ran to our rooms changed and met in the bar. Sandy and I arrived at the same time. Finally, I was alone with her, and had a chance to catch up. She had basically taken off dress pants and put on jeans, the same as me. What she had on didn’t matter a bit. She told me she had stopped seeing the guy from wherever. It had been several months, I offered my deepest sympathy. I said that the guy obviously was a complete idiot and told her that all guys are scum. Secretly, I was jumping up and down singing yahoo. Others filtered in and the beverages flowed. We were stuck at the center no cars and no one wanted to venture very far. Honestly, after a daylong meeting staying put was a good thing.

So the bar it was. We ate and drank time flew by and it was time to say goodnight. I offered to walk Sandy to her room; I told it was on the way to mine. Hell, my room could have been in a different country and it still would have been convenient. So arm and arm we went down the long halls to the hotel part of the complex. She felt to warm and soft. She laid her head on my shoulder we walked to her room. Arrived at the door, an awkward moment, kiss her, say goodnight, or just panic. She turned and hugged me and asked if I wanted to come in for minute. Are you kidding I want to come for lots of minutes.

The rooms are like any hotel; bed a chair a desk. She sat on the bed I sat on the chair and we talked for a few minutes, mostly about her ex. I had a bottle of wine in my room and asked if she would like to drink it with. A big smile crossed her face, my room was only a couple of doors away (it really was convenient). I was there and back in seconds, bottle opener in hand. Had the cork out in a jiffy and two glasses poured in world record time. A toast to her new found freedom and all guys are scum. She laughed. She had been bummed but was over it, time to move on.

I offered her a message and she accepted, (I was known for my galley messages). I could hardly contain myself, this was going to be fabulous. I only hope she liked it as much as I was going to enjoy doing it to her.

She pulled her blouse out her jeans, kicked off her shoes, laid face down and got comfortable. I started with her arms and shoulders to her fingers messaging each muscle finding the beginning and the end. I rubbed each finger pulling on them gently but firmly. Then back up the arm over her blouse. I messaged both arms until I could feel her relax. I straddled her with sitting on her upper thighs; this gave my great access to her neck and back. I worked her shoulders, neck and back. Starting out softly but then with lots of pressure finding every little knot and working at it till it relaxed. I moved up and down her spine attending to each vertebra. I couldn’t stop looking at her, her jet black hair, her body undermine. I don’t know about her but I was in heaven. I had many messages in Japan and loved shiatsu. I am not an expert but I got the hang of it. I was giving her the message of my life.

I could feel her body relax, she was actually purring at times; that place between feels so good and pain. My hands moved to her lower back, kneading the muscles above her buttocks. She was goaning as my hand manipulated the cheeks of her ***. My hands slipped under her blouse and I touched her skin it was so soft to my touch. Her back arched as she felt my hands on her silky soft skin. I leaned over and kissed her ear. I whispered to her how lovely she was and how much I enjoyed doing this for her. She turned her head our lips met for the first time, I kissed her. Her soft lips parted and we kissed passionately. I kissed her cheek and told her I was not done yet with the message.

I moved down her muscular leg. Her jeans hugged her legs and I could feel her under them. I got to her foot and manipulated the soles of her feet and each toe. She had incredibly sexy feet I wanted to kiss them, suck on her toes. My hands reached up under her jeans to her calf. She stopped me. She sat up and said she hadn’t shaved in weeks, she had no reason to. She wanted to take a shower and freshen up and I should wait. I kissed her on the lips then I whispered into her ear that I she didn’t have to do anything but enjoy herself I wanted her as she was. She smiled and as she lay back down. She unbuttoned her blouse. I messaged her other foot and my hand explored under her jeans. Her calf was covered with dark hair from weeks of not shaving. I had only been with a couple of natural woman but this time it was different. I was so horny. I wanted to explore every inch of her. I put my hands up her pant leg as far as I could, God what a feeling.

I returned to her back this time her blouse was not in the way. I undid her bra and could feel her skin with my hands; it was so warm and soft. I was in heaven. I raised her shirt up and could her olive colored skin in the light of the room. There was soft dark downy hair on her back. My hands explore every inch of her back. I leaned over and kissed her neck and as I did that my hand found her arm pits. She was unshaved there as well. I could feel her tense her muscles as my fingers found her hairy armpits. I whispered that she was the sexiest woman I had ever been with. She purred as my fingers explored her armpits. Her buttocks pushed against my groin as I was straddling her. Her *** was so tight and round. My **** was beginning to strain to get out of my pants.

I pulled her shirt off and bra came with it. Her breasts were extraordinary, small but firm, her nipples erect with excitement, you could hang Christmas tree ornaments on them, sans the hook. I kissed her shoulder, we had both been in meetings all day her perfume by now was very faint I could smell her skin. It was sweet, that is all I can say, soft and sweet. My moustache tickled her shoulder the hair on arms stood up my God I was so horny. I brushed my hand over her arm teasing her tickling the inside of forearm and upper arm which lead me back to arm pit. She seemed a little reticent about her growth of hair. In fact, she said that since she wasn’t seeing anyone she just went natural, my lucky day. It had been a couple of months so the growth was maturing. It was fabulous. I told her so, and that she needn’t worry about it. I found it incredibly erotic and that I was incredibly horny. She smiled, I got a big hug, and then I smiled.

She wanted to shower and freshen up. I pushed her back on the bed and said the message was not finished and that I didn’t think she smelled or as far as could tell tasted all that bad either. She gave me a big smile again. I lay down by her side; she was laying on her back her arm above her head. It was the first time I saw what I was playing with, the black thick hair in her arm pits was thick and rich looking. I touched with my fingers it was so soft. I rubbed my moustache in it and kissed it. It was so soft and sweet. It didn’t smell or taste bad at all, quite the opposite it was fantastic. I was gently teasing her breasts and tummy. I could see hair from her belly button going toward her pants. A path to follow I thought. My hand reached down and undid her jeans the zipper opened with ease; I was up and on my knees pulling them off. Her panties stayed on, damn, I was usually better than that. I looked at her legs and the thick black hair sprouting on her calves. It was dense and long. At the knees the hair seemed to get thinner, less dense at least. Around her panties I could see the dark bush pressing against the cotton fabric and some of the hairs escaping around the edges. I was beside myself. I had never seen such a gorgeous woman with thick black hair; I couldn’t wait to explore every inch of her.

I rolled her over, face down, straddled her again and messaged her lower back and just above her buttocks. She was moving rhythmically with me. I began to message and her butt cheeks one hand on each side. I moved down one leg, slowly, she was lean, her legs were long, and the hair was driving me crazy. I made it all the way to one foot then went to the other and moved my way back up to butt. I began kissing her leg teasing with my moustache and lips. She tasted wonderful. I could feel the hair on my face, it was surprisingly soft.

I kissed her butt cheek, she groaned. I moved my way up her back lingering as I went to tease and tickle her just touching her enough to make the hair stand on end. I lay down next to her and kissed her ear and asked how the message was? She kissed me deep and hard. She flipped over and was on top of me straddling me. She had my shirt open and off in seconds and my pants were open and off in the next minute, my undies came off with my pants (ok she was better at then me). My hard, wet **** stood straight up. She made some comment about me being a little excited. “A little?” I exclaimed. She fell back on top of me. I rolled over and had her beneath me. I quickly moved down and pulled her panties over her long legs and tossed them across the room. The triangle of pubic hair was incredible. A thick patch of black hair covered her *****.

My hand in moved up her thighs and teased her legs open. I could see the lips of her vagina opening. What an incredible site. She was excited as well I could see the hair surrounding the parting lips as being moist and wet. I pulled her legs apart and buried my face into her dark fury mound of moist hair. It tasted wonderful, salty yet sweet, almost like honey and so wet. There was an aroma of pee but it had been all day since we both had showered. I loved it I found her clitoris and gently teased it as it grew with excitement. I lapped hungrily as the juices flowed from her sweet ****. My tongue dove deep into her searching every inch of her hairy *****. The hair was in my face, tickling my nose. The hair was so soft on my face, it smelled so good. I was lost in it. Her legs went over my shoulders I could feel the silky soft hair from her legs on my shoulders. Her legs fell further apart allowing me to dive deeper into her sweet *****. My tongue was exploring the lips of her *****. Her back arched and my tongue slipped lower I could feel her legs open wider as my tongue traveled downward. My tongue brushed over her puckered anus, my nose was deep into the folds of her *****, and thick black hair was all over my face. My tongue again was searching the depths of juicy *****, rhythmically in and my tongue darted, over her now swollen ****. Teasing it gently, and then rubbing it harder. Her hips arched, she put her hands on the back of my head, her legs clamped harder onto my back. She was pushing my face harder into gushing *****. I could feel her muscles contracting. Her legs tightening and her hands pushing harder on the back of my head her body jerked, she was *******. Her hips bucked as my tongue worked at sweet ***** and clitoris, her juices flowed. She continued to climax and convulse for what seemed like minutes. She was dripping wet. As she laid back and released her grip on head with her hands and legs I hungrily lapped all the juices as they ran from her. My tongue brushed her ****, she jerked again and groaned. I flicked my tongue over her protruding clitoris, she groaned, she shuddered and in a minute she came again. What fun.

She pulled me up. My face and moustache covered in her juices. She grabbed me and kissed me burying her tongue deep into my mouth. She wrapped her legs around my waist and pulled my hard **** into her luscious, dripping *****. I could feel the wetness in the hair surrounding her vagina. My **** slid into her waiting *****. We both groaned at the feeling. I slowly moved in out of her. I wanted to make this last forever. I could feel our pubic hairs mingle my **** was getting wetter by the minute. She flipped my over and was on top of me in an instant. What a great view and a great place to be, under her. She brought her knees up and was sitting up riding my rock hard ****. She was so wet. I could feel the juices running over my **** and balls as she moved up and down. I reached up and was teasing her hard nipples between my fingers. She moved faster. My hands grabbed her hips and pushed her harder on to my ****. I felt her legs and the hair. Oh my God that glorious hair. I could feel myself losing control. I was slamming myself into her as she was moving faster I grabbed her shoulders and pushed her down onto my ****. We were both groaning and we both *******. Our bodies convulsed, muscles tightened, I could feel her vagina tighten around the base of my hard ****, we screamed; hope there was no one outside the room. I exploded into her wet *****. She fell onto me; my arms put her in a tight embrace. I came for what seemed like hours, she did to. We were sweating, could feel her sweat between us and I could feel the juices from her **** dripping on me.

Our pace slowed, we were both breathing hard. Slowly I moved in and out of her. Teasing her, my hands brushed her back and of her ***. She leaned on her elbow; I pushed the hair out of her face. We kissed passionately for several minutes, our bodies still entwined. We rested like that for several minutes trying to get our collective breaths back. She told me that I gave an ok message. I slapped her on the ***. Sandy suggested a shower, I agreed only if we did it together and no razors. We bathed and returned to bed.

We made love again that night passionately and tenderly. I am not sure at what time we finally passed out. I remember both of us asleep in each other’s arms with legs entwined. The phone rang in what seemed like minutes, another day. I went to my room showered again and got dressed. Headed down the hall, picked up Sandy, and headed for breakfast, we were little slower and much more content than everyone else at the table. We both had that grin that only sex gives you. You have to know one thing about flight attendants. It is all about how you look not how you feel and as long as you look fantastic it doesn’t matter how you feel.

We spent the morning, in a meeting sitting next to each other, with that grin. I kind of wished that meeting would have lasted longer but at noon we were done. That meant that in a couple of short hours I would be heading back to Honolulu and Sandy to Miami. We skipped lunch and headed back to the rooms. I packed in a minute and then headed to her room. We hugged and had a long embrace. We had had a great night together. She thanked me for the message. I just thanked her. I told that would never forget that night, and I hoped she enjoyed it as much as I did. By her smile and the kiss I got she had.

I often wonder what happened to her. I stopped flying and changed careers. I have not seen her since that night except in my dreams.
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Nov 29, 2012