Viva La France

I had long since left the airlines; I used to be a flight attendant for an international carrier. It was a wonderful lifestyle and I still have incredible memories of the places I visited and people I met. Things changed, the flying changed, part of the company was sold to another carrier. It was time to move on.

So I went back to school. Got a professional degree and started a new career. I was in Chicago for a meeting, staying at nice hotel next to the John Hancock building. It was a Saturday meeting, unusual but at least I wasn’t out of the office on work day. I got there on Friday, I like the city. The next morning prior to the start of the meeting I was out for coffee. Starbucks in hand I headed back to the hotel. As approached the entrance a van pulled up. I wondered if it was a crew bus. The doors opened and out came a large flight crew. Seeing them brought back lots of memories. I was close enough to hear them talking, they were speaking French. I stopped in the lobby and watched them make their entrance. Ah the French. It was a large crew, 14 flight attendants, plus cockpit. The women were striking in their navy blue uniforms with hats. I had to smile and wonder where they had come from and where they were going.

I had to hurry to get to the meeting. I don’t really even remember what it was about. I just remember I was there. The meeting came and went. Saturday evening went out to dinner and back to room to relax. I was up early Sunday morning, went for a run and got the paper and a vente Starbucks coffee. I decided I was going to go sit by the pool and read the paper and drink my coffee, hopefully in peace. I was sweaty from my run and thought a dip in the pool would feel good.

The pool at this hotel was on the top floor. It had a great view of the city and lake. There was a sauna, a pretty good size pool, by hotel standards, a Jacuzzi, and some tread mills. I jumped on the elevator in the lobby and was greeted by two lovely women, one a dirty blonde the other a brunette. I said hi they replied, I thought I recognized the blonde from the crew that I saw check in. They began a conversation between themselves in French, I knew I recognized them. I also knew I should have paid better attention in French class. This encounter I got to see just how stunning she really was, shoulder length thick blonde hair, huge brown eyes, and her arms were covered with light hair. Anyway the doors opened and they departed. I was bummed.

I went to the pool and happy to see I was the only there. I claimed a spot, jumped into the pool and swam around to cool off. Got out and was reading the paper and enjoying my coffee. I heard the elevator doors opened. I looked up and saw the dirty blonde flight attendant getting off the elevator in a robe. Damn she was stunning. She walked around the pool and went into the sauna. Her hair was naturally curly, she was slim; the robe covered everything else.

She went in to the sauna and the door closed. I couldn’t resist. I walked over and opened the door to the sauna. Much to my surprise and delight she was sitting there naked as a jay bird (whatever that means), sans clothes, completely exposed. My heart was pounding; I was standing there in my running shorts looking at a gorgeous French woman naked. There is a god. I smiled and said hi and walked in. She was definitely a natural woman. She was on the top bench sitting on a towel legs open, her hands at her side, leaning against the back wall. There was curly mass of light brown hair covering her slightly open vagina; I could see the lips of her vagina peeking out. It looked fabulous.

The French are known for perfumes. Not the sweet smells but to cover up the not so sweet smell. Napoleon Bonaparte was quoted in an urgent missive sent to his wife, Josephine, “Home in three days. Don’t wash.” As I sat down I notice a pungent musk odor in the small sauna. It was not an offensive over powering smell, just a hint in the air. I introduced myself to her and asked if she part of the Air France Crew, I knew she was already, but what do you say to a gorgeous naked lady you just met. The sauna was hot and humid, her name was Claire. It didn’t take long to start sweating. I could see the sweat pouring off of her breasts which I finally noticed; they were truly a sight to behold. She was fair skinned and pale, her breasts were full supple looking her nipples were magnificent. I could see some hair peaking from under her arms. I looked down her legs and noticed that they were covered with a light hair. She was truly natural, no razors for this woman.

She spoke perfect English, with a hint of a French accent, the kind that makes you crazy. She realized that I had trunks on and asked if clothes were needed in here. Hell no! Not on my account, I thought. I told her I thought she was fine and to put her at ease I lost my shorts in a flash. She offered me place to sit on a towel she had brought in. We chatted about being flight attendants and what fun the lifestyle is. Her musky aroma was intoxicating, seeing the perspiration beading up on her skin, the hair on her legs, my **** started to become erect, it has mind of its own; at times. She noticed my growing member and smiled. She thanked me for finding her attractive. That was an understatement. She was absolutely beautiful. She reached her hand over and squeezed my hand. I grabbed her hand and pulled her close to me, we kissed. I put my hand on her back and pulled her closer, our sweaty bodies touching. I could smell a slight smell of old perfume. Her breasts were against my chest our sweat mixing together. Her hand reached and touched my leg. I kissed her neck tasting her salty sweetness on her skin. She groaned and my tongue licked her neck. She leaned her head back and moved toward her breasts.

I buried my face between them licking her salty goodness. I kissed one and sucked on her nipple. I could feel her back arch. Her hands were around my neck pulling my face into her chest. I couldn’t get enough of her. I was moving down her tummy towards her hairy *****. I was licking her sweat as I went. Her hands on my head pushing me towards her hairy mound, the musky smell was growing stronger the closer I got to her fury ****. She opened her legs; I could see the lips of her vagina open. They were large lips and a huge **** protruding out of the hairy growth. I had never seen such a large clitoris, but knew I was about to suck it. I sat on the lower bench her legs drifted over my shoulders her hands on my head guided me toward her dripping wet ****. She plunged my face into her mound of hair. I could taste her salty musk scented ****. Her juices were flowing from her sweet ****, her sweat pouring off her body, my face covered with her sweetness. It wasn’t a foul taste or smell. It was musky mixed with her pee and sweat. It was heaven. (There have been a couple of times I remember the taste of a woman, this is one those.) Her wet curly hair was all over my face, in my nose tickling it, on my cheeks, I could feel in on my eye lids. Her hairy legs on my back pulling me into her, I was lapping every drop of her, and she was dripping wet.

Her hips moved up and my tongue slipped over her anus. Her hands tightened on my head and her legs clamped hard around my back as her *** opened, I drove tongue deep into her ***. She tightened her legs on back and groaned. My nose and face were deep into dripping furry ****. Her juices were all over my face. It tasted so wonderful. My tongues busily searching her ***, my nose deep into her *****, it was a good thing I ran a lot and could hold my breath. I moved my tongue back into her dripping wet *****. I found her large **** finding its way out of the furry growth around her *****. I licked and sucked on it her legs grabbed me tightly her head was thrown back, her hands in my hair. Her hips were riding my face and licked and suck her huge ****. Her juices were dripping on my chin. She was about to ***. Her grip tightened on my head she jerked uncontrollably. I felt her legs open wider; I was licking her and sucking her for all I was worth. She came in waves I could feel her vagina contracting. I never had a woman squirt before but she did. The more I licked the more she squirted. I decided I liked this game. I licked her vagina hungrily as the sweet liquid pour from her. I couldn’t get enough of it.

I lapped up her sweet juices and she began to relax. Her grip on my neck with silky hairy legs began to let go. So, naturally I started to suck her enormous ****. She immediately tightened her grip on me and came again. I gently licked her **** and she relaxed again. This time she moved her legs from my shoulders and pulled my head up towards hers lips. We kissed a long passionate kiss my face covered in her juices. She hungrily licked them from my lips and moustache. The sweat pouring off our bodies, she pulled me up and lay back on the bench, her legs opening invitingly. My **** was hard and wet she guided me into her open ****. I could feel the wet hair on the shaft of **** as I slowly entered her. We both so wet, sweat pouring from us because of the sauna and the activities we were doing. I would love to say I made love to Claire but that would not be the truth. We ****** each other for all we worth, kind of like the song lyrics, “I used her and she used me”. Her hairy legs wrapped around my waist our arms around each other. I raised her arm up and buried my face to into hairy arm pit, breathing in the fragrant aroma. She was so wet everywhere. We ****** each other, I exploded into her fury **** as I came she came again. I couldn’t stop *******. I came so much it was oozing out of her **** onto my balls and dripping on to the towel under my knees. She came and again was squirting her honey all over my ****. It was fantastic. My rhythm went from hard and fast to slow and steady almost teasing her. We collapsed on each other our sweat pooling on the bench in the sauna.

I realized how hot it was. How wet we both were our sweat pouring out. I suggested we jump into the pool immediately. I looked into the pool area still no one had ventured in yet. So out we ran and straight away in the cool water. We came up in each other’s arms her legs around my waist my limp **** nestled against her hairy *****. She had a huge smile on her face, so did I. We held each other for a while in the cool water just kind of resting; and really enjoying not sweating.

We were in the shallow end of the pool I lifted her up and put her on the side of the pool. I was standing in the cool water in between her legs, stroking them. The silky hair was matted down by the water. She hugged me my head being crushed by her breasts, what a wonderful place to be. I pushed her back and she rested on her elbows, I kissed her tummy and then opened her legs. My tongue parted the lips of her vagina and exposed her ****. It had shrunk in size but was found easily. I kissed it gently and flicked my tongue over it. She bite her lip and let out a soft groan, she put a hand on my head and gently stroked my wet hair as I gently licked her ****. It slowly got bigger the more I teased it, and the more I teased and sucked the more she groaned. Her hips began to move rhythmically as I explored her clitoris and the fold of her vagina. I could taste my *** dripping from her mixing with her own sweet juices. She was getting more excited, her hand forcing my head into her open ****. I was sucking and licking for all my worth, I wanted her to *** again, I wanted to feel her **** contract on my tongue. It didn’t take long to make her explode and convulse. Her juices flowed from her ****; she sat up and was breathing hard again, but with a smile on her face. We kissed gently as she held my face in her hands.

We were kind of lost in a daze when we heard the elevator chime; the elevators were a ways away from the pool. I jumped out of the pool and grabbed her arm to help her up and into the sauna we ran. The heat hit me in the face as the door closed behind us. I could hear talking in the pool area, so I cracked open the door to peak out. Our little sanctuary had been invaded by a family, with children. I never hated kids so much. I turned and told Claire that we were no longer alone and probably should put some clothes on. I was bummed again.

Our time together was over. She was off to India and I was just off, no, I had to go back home. We hugged in the sauna one last time before going out onto the pool deck her in a robe and me in my running shorts. The children were frolicking in the water, their parents noticed us but I doubt they realized what had happened in that sauna; unless they could tell by that grin that comes from sex on both our faces. I gathered my almost forgotten newspaper and cold coffee, we headed for the elevator. We arrived at her floor and I hugged her again, we kissed and said Ciao. I wonder if she is still flying?

Ah the French. Viva La France

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Nov 30, 2012