Holy Hairy Women?

That's the best type they come, all natural and not afraid to show it. I suspect many women will consider it the lifestyle of the future, especially those who live clean lifestyles. Many women freak out at the idea of having hair in unusual places. Well God looks on the soul so if what's inside is Gold then what's on the outside can only be savored all the more.

Hair on a woman is a double edged-sword. Holy women wear it well, scandalous and immoral women are often perceived to look a bit grody with the hair.

Even if a woman is holy if she has to perform in a situation where she has to lift her arm it will likely distract the on-lookers too much if she doesn't shave so performers are naturally going to shave. Get people that enjoy the divine design of a woman and all they'll see is a beauty, but this isn't the norm.

It's just most humans aren't here yet so until enough minds realize how Godly the natural design of a woman is unfortunately it won't be a trend until they do.
TheTristman TheTristman
26-30, M
Jan 10, 2013