Hairy And Proud

I don't shave or trim my vagina or my crack. I'm proud of it. I love to just rub it and play with it. I think women are supposed to have hair. If a man has a problem with it then he is not the right man for me. I love how it feels and how it holds in the important smells. We weren't made to smell like roses. I feel like the hair adds to the pleasure too. Just lightly stroking my hairs can send me over the moon. I will never be ashamed of my bush. On top of this I'm just not a fan of overly grooming. I'm natural and I love it.
SarahSmokin SarahSmokin
31-35, F
12 Responses Mar 19, 2013


I love the scent and smell of an aroused woman trapped in her big hairy *****

I love a thick hairy bush and have gotten quite aroused licking a few hairy arm pits as well.

I would love to see your hairy crack, rub my face in it, kiss it, lick it and tongue **** your hairy *******.

yes yes yes!!! A real woman. hair down there is sexy and feminine and makes you a woman and not a little girl. Plus, real men love bush and eat bush. I love the sight of it and love running my fingers through it. Give me bush, or give me death!

I love a natural woman, the way God meant her to be.

I love playing with a nice bush and the feel against my face.

I love a big bush on my girls, and after a long days work a smelly and sweaty ***, swamp *** even, I love the way it looks and smells.

i totally agree with you! glad there are women out there who think like this.

You go when I Look at a shaved pubic it like looking at a ten year old what a turn off

I`m proud of you too, being natural is the way God meant women to be.

Sounds great. It is fun to play with and one difference between a little girl and a woman.