I Love Hairy Woman

My ex wife never used to shave (or only when she had to), and I loved it. We are not together any more, and why can't I find a natural hairy woman, why do most woman in North America have to shave everything? I love hairy *****, nipples and armpits. I wish I was back in the 60's and 70's.

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Ahh those where the years, when **** stars had a full bush, not this pervy shaved trash nowadays

Hairy nipples aren't uncommon in women, southernheat. I'd never heard of it or seen it, didn't know know until it started happening to me in college. First just one wild hair on my left nipple that I plucked every time it began growing. Then, a year or so later, out of nowhere, suddenly 15 or 20 hairs around each areola sprouted. Like pubic hair, long and coarse and curly. That's a lot of hair where I thought women didn't have any, and I have to admit I freaked out--what, was I going to start growing a beard or something? I did some surreptitious research... and found out it's one of those things that women just don't talk about. <br />
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Most women, it's two or three hairs. I'm not at all hairy to look at, I'm your average Caucasian, but I do have very, very thick pubic and underarm hair, and the nipple hair seems to follow this pattern of being a good bit more than usual.

If you are a women armpit lover...this is your heaven....!!!<br />
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